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Strive for the Mountain Top

Don't walk where everybody else walks, it's a reason it's called the beaten path. There will be many that will offer you their advice as to what is good for you. You separate the good information from the bad. The process is called discernment. I advise you to first listen to your self. Welcome change with open arms. Resistance to change will hinder your advancement. Nothing avoids change. Your values should never be compromised but enhanced. Your character should be of the utmost but open minded. Your conviction should be strong but also willing. Our perception of what life is about is based in our values our experiences and our ideology. Some will tell you accepting defeat in some situations is acceptable. You will live to fight another day is a very true and exacting statement. Though this statement is true I disagree with accepting defeat. Life is a learning process and every situation is an opportunity to improve upon that situation. When you settle for defeat that is exactly what you get. The substances of self consist of experiences, beliefs and situations. The substance is invaluable, significant and distinctive. How we manage those situations, events and circumstances is vital.

Your opportunities to succeed are larger than your opportunities to fail. The magnificent gift of life is a gift that is given only by one. The gift is the reason we all are here. There is no gift bigger than the gift of life. It is not to be wasted or unappreciated. When we strive to make the best of our selves we also strive to make the world better. The pursuit of a better life is measured by the road traveled not by arriving at destination. We will discover who we are by not conforming to others opinions of who we are but by conforming to the gifts given to us. The better we manage the lane given to us the wider the lane gets. The more we guard what we say, what we do and what we hear the sharper we become. The inner ear is a true source for knowledge. It will never tell you anything but what is good for you. We just have to be willing to listen. The more we listen the more we gain. The more we appreciate our selves the more we appreciate others. The drive to succeed has to be fueled from what's inside you. It will give you conviction a necessary building block needed to reach your pinnacle.

When transform instead of conforming, we allow the gifts of life to be utilized. When a gift comes upon and you and you are not ready for it, it will pass you by. Spiritual and fiscal responsibility prepare you for a gift that has already been bestowed upon you. To most, this statement is grammatically incorrect. It talks of the past tense giving to the future tense. It also describes faith. If you truly believe something, it will convict you. Conviction is a substance to build upon. When we truly embrace the gifts given to us, our perceptions of what matters will change. Your shortcoming will become opportunities. Once you realize who you are and what you are, the opportunities will become more abundant. Your gifts were set aside for you before you ever knew or realized who or what you are. Where there is cause there is effect. When you put forth the effort, there will be an effect. The effect is dependent on your effort. The effect of believing in your self raises your expectations that you have for your self. In order to get to the top, there has to be more than believing in your self.

Believing in self is good, but sometimes self can get in the way. You need to be guided by faith. Opportunities build character and endurance. With intellect, you can get through anything if applied correctly. Apply faith and it will produce. Allow your gifts to work for you and you will never fail.