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Don't Just Sit There - Get Moving!

Don't just sit there-get moving! Stand up and look around. Now take a step. You know, any action at all (even a small step) will start to motivate you. Once you take that first step you'll quickly want to take another and then another.

Is it tough? Yes. It has been said that action precedes motivation. If you sit around all day just waiting for an idea to come to you well then you're going to have a very long wait. Nobody is going to knock on your door to tell you to get up. You have to do that.

Start right now. You have a goal in mind. Take a step right now towards it. Make a phone call. Knock on a door. Pick up a book or publication that will give you more information on how to proceed.

Each day you hesitate is wasted. How would you feel if it were the end of your life and you had not acted on something that makes your heart sing? How would you feel then? Do you want to leave this earth with that dream still locked up inside you never having the chance to see the light of day?

Our time here is finite. Procrastination in itself becomes a bad habit that keeps you tied down. Don't let it get hold of you because it will make you a prisoner. Instead, recognize that it is not your friend and push it out of your way.

You have better things to do. You have a goal. You have a dream. Go and make it happen.!&id=9306495