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Dance Through Transitions With Your Intuition and Priority Power

Finding time to dance with your priorities is a graceful and empowering way to remain effective in times of transition. In much the same way that dancing requires balance between your right foot and your left foot, transitions require coordination between your right-brain intuition and your left-brain planning and Priority Power.

Today we'll talk about the restorative power of your intuition. It can be especially helpful as you navigate the uncharted waters that transitions, by definition, take you to.

Your intuition always knows when change is afoot. This is an understanding that runs deeper than words. It's like sensing a subtle vibration or shift in the energy of the moment. So as you undergo transitions, it's a really good idea to give yourself periods of restful silence. These allow you to attune yourself. Then, continue to pause and 'listen' carefully for shifting rhythms throughout your day.

When old routines are disrupted, these new impressions might seem jangled and jumbled at first. But little by little, you can discern and shape new patterns that fit your evolving life. This input from your right-brain will then inform your left-brain planning and prioritizing activities. Intuition offers deeply organic, vital information to your left-brain that enhances your Priority Power in ways that simply would not be possible otherwise.

A journal is an ideal way to tap the wisdom of your intuition. Even 15 minutes of uncensored, free-writing daily allows new feelings and impressions to bubble up into your awareness. Reviewing what you write, especially over a few days, can be extremely enlightening!

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as you begin your writing time:

  1. What has entered my life?
  2. What feelings does this bring up?
  3. What feels out of balance?
  4. What restores balance for me?
  5. What is my first step in my new dance?

As you work with the ideas I offer, you'll explore your patterns, clarify your values, identify and prioritize your goals... and create your path for achieving them. Using your intuition to strengthen and maintain your Priority Power when you are navigating transitions will enhance your productivity, teach you new things about yourself, and help you make even better use of your time!