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The Importance Of Get Up And Go For Yourself

Attitude at all levels (especially inside ourselves) is more important than anything external like suggestion or hypnotic commands from others, which brings me to a point: We must have initiative, genuine initiative if we really want to get things done. Now, sure, this is an article about hypnosis and altered states in a way. But, those cannot be depended on, we must deeply depend on our attitudes about reality to really conquer things. Sure, I could say get the best hypnosis tape, compact disc or MP3, but more important than that is being genuinely ready for the change, the external commands only encourage and help sure. But, the desire for the change must really be there for any "miracles" to happen.

In a way, we all wish for the Fortunata's purse or Aladdin's lamp to solve our problems, and we do have that really, but, only if we are willing to apply ourselves with the proper attitude, intention and conviction. We all must have that first before the "miracles" can be facilitated.

Even in accepted organized religions and other paths and all of that, that kind of belief and faith is required. Nobody is "off the hook" of this effort, especially when you read religious texts good or evil. To get to the cause, you must meet any power halfway for it to genuinely work for you in any way you genuinely want.

Sure, you can have the "best stuff to do it for you that costs thousands of dollars", but I am telling you if the desire is not there, nothing is going to happen. Because the importance of get up and go for yourself is the most important factor in the universe. I did not exactly say "get up and do it yourself" totally, I said get up, go for yourself and really want the goal you are going for.

After all, without the get up and go for yourself, nothing and I mean literally nothing really is coming to the rescue.

If you temporarily fail, look at it as a learning process, not "permanent failure" and next time and the time after that if needed, ultimately you will succeed. After all, let me sum up the message of this article in a few words: Perfection is earned and not given.

I could take credit for that saying in this article, but I will not: I give the credit to Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, Ph.D. and the message in his book "Think Like A Winner". Because I realize through this book that repeatable perfection is fully understanding what fails through experience, and beginner's luck success is not repeatable. So, meet reality halfway, and do not depend on beginner's luck and think like a real winner that can do it in an experienced and repeatable way. Follow and understand this advice, and you really will get it right permanently.