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My Time Management Mastery

You can't really hold and control time. It passes much too quickly when you are enjoying yourself, and can drag when you are not. Time is more of an emotion than anything else. It all comes down to self management when you truly want to get things done.

Do you often feel overwhelmed or frustrated in your business? If so, this can affect your time management. Remind yourself you are about to learn something new and then learn how to make it a habit in your business.

Have you ever gone to an awesome event, seminar or course and left with so much amazing information you felt like you were drinking from a fire hose? I have some tips for you to effectively implement this new information, but first think about how your brain works and processes new information.

Inside your mind you actually have 3 brains.

The core or what I call the Lizard Brain. This is the most primal part where everything automatic happens such as breathing, heartbeat, etc. Things happen here on auto pilot and you don't really have control of this area.
The Limbic Brain which wraps around the Lizard Brain. The limbic system is where your emotions, memories, habits and relationship with others are stored. This is also where you make decisions.
Your "human brain" or the neocortex where you have your language and reasoning.
By now you may be asking yourself how all of this relates to time management?

With all the new information you receive and absorb, you can only effectively formulate 1 new habit every 30 days.

Your brain can conceptualize a lot, but to channel it to your lizard brain you must only choose 1 for every month. There is no shortcut here. When you see successful leaders in your industry, they have been formulating these habits for years.

Before you get started, be aware of what I call habit gravity. The first 2-3 days you are excited and motivated. Around day 4, habit gravity comes into play and you are facing an upward curve of resistance. Everything in your body wants to go back to the past where you feel safe and comfortable. You will justify and rationalize why you should not implement that newly forming habit.

But the good news is once you get past that 30 days, the velocity changes and it becomes inconvenient NOT to do the new habit! Create structures along the way that will prevent you from forgetting.

If you desire to drink more water every day, fill up your water bottles the night before and put them inside your shoe so you will remember to take them with you the next day!

Right now, choose what one thing you are going to focus on for the next 30 days and watch your attitude and business change for the positive!