Manifestation miracle

How Your Subconscious Mind Works

Your subconscious mind is truly amazing. It is there to protect you. But it can not think things through like you can and it has no reasoning abilities.

It remembers all the things that have ever happened in your life by the way you felt about them at the time of the experience.

It knows everything! It can bring you anything you want, but It does not know the difference between good and bad, or negative and positive. It only reads what you want through you visualizing it, your emotions and how much attention you give to what you want.

We all manifest things all the time. But we do it by accident so we sometimes manifest things that we would not choose to If we did it on purpose.

Would it be great if we could somehow find a way to manifest on purpose? Imagine what it would be like to just know that you could bring whatever you wanted into your world. Can you imagine how great that would be!

Well guess what, there is a process to learning how to manifest on purpose and once we understand this we can start learning and applying techniques that will put us on the correct path.

Most people have so many thoughts running through their minds all day long and they don't even hear most of them. This is one of the reasons that it's impossible to manifest on purpose what we want.

We need to be able to recognize the thoughts in our mind, quiet those thoughts and learn how to direct our minds to what ever it is we desire.

But before we can direct our minds we need to remove all the limiting beliefs that our subconscious mind has collected from our experiences.

Yes, we all have limiting beliefs. It is our limiting beliefs that hold us back from our dreams. Say we dream about having a huge house, but then we think to ourselves I will never have that, I don't make enough money. Or I could never afford that.

Then we stop dreaming about it because it's not even real to us. But when we remove the limiting beliefs of why we feel that way, it becomes real to us and we know we can have it.

This is a fun journey and it's all about you and creating what you truly want in life. once you are there. you can have the life you always dreamed of.