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Dreams? Goals? (How Do You Develop Them)

We all hold our dreams in our hearts like a pit which carries fire in it. Our dream, our goal can be very unique, it can be different, it can be crazy and it may seem impossible and may leave people thinking that you've gotten mad or so but it's what our heart truly wants. Hence, we should go after it without doubt or fear. Its' not the destination that matters for the lessons that we learn during the journey are far more valuable.

I would like to state clearly that this particular dream or goal is what one is willing to do despite zero wages. It is what one needs to pursue for the further understanding of oneself and of Natures Laws.

Choose a job that you love to do and you'll never have to work for a day in your life.

The first law of nature is Energy Returns Back to Source. One who understands this law well will become aware that it plays a very big role in achieving one's dreams and goals.

This is a brief picture of how the law works-The "energy" that goes around eventually comes around as the same "energy". Energy is ever-present, only manipulated to various forms. As such, nothing is created nor destroyed; they just change forms. The thoughts that you place, the words that you utter and the actions you take would eventually return back to you. They may not be in the same form as you sent them, but the energy will return. This law works on both positive and negative thoughts, words and actions.

Positive thoughts + positive words + positive actions = positive outcome
Negative thoughts + negative words + negative actions = negative outcome


Being honest in a humble way = stops the energy from coming back

Now that we are aware that whatever situation we are in is ONLY because of us, imagine the tremendous changes we can bring in our life. If all our thoughts were positive and honest in a humble way, we can be very successful in life. If all our thoughts were focused on our dreams and goals, achieving it (which seemed to be impossible) will become possible and easier.

Understanding that how we progress on our goals physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually makes a huge difference. We shouldn't send out thoughts that express doubt, hatred or irritation towards our goals. Obstacles are common in life of people who are working on their goals. Even when facing these obstacles, we shouldn't let our thoughts, words and actions get out of our grasp.This can be very hard for it is a battle that we go against not only ourselves but against the society we live in too. People's words can affect our emotions, which then leads us to intellectualizing it and becoming very negative. We must learn how to handle the obstacles that we face in a calm way. It's not easy but it isn't impossible either. Sometimes, judgments can hurt especially when it comes from the ones closest to you. Here's a way to counter it. As we mentioned before, everything is energy. Energy is neither positive nor negative. It is how one interprets energy. So, think of judgments and discrimination as motivation to strive towards your goals and keep moving forward.

With the right guidance and support, any dream can become reality.

When we take control over our lives, being aware that we are the ones who shape it, we can build the perfect environment. One which will help us fulfill our dreams, one which the ultimate goal ( to be happy ) can be attained.

Be fully aware of your words, thoughts and actions!!! They can make you or break you.