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For The Women Out There----32 Surefire Ways To Keep A Man Interested

Men like an animal in the bedroom. Sneak into his room when he’s not around and leave a parrot in there.

1. Messaging back too quickly can seem desperate, so give it a few weeks or months before replying.
2. If you think you’ll find this hard, just throw your phone into a river. If he really wants to contact you, he’ll find a way.
3. Men enjoy the thrill of the chase, so run away from them mid-conversation.
4. Don’t ask too many questions, it will make him feel interrogated.
5. So leave out details like asking his name until the fourth or fifth date.
6. Similarly, you want to keep a bit of mystery, so avoid giving any details about your life, including your name and age.
7. If he presses for more details, simply give an alias. Once he does a quick Facebook check and can’t find you, it will only fuel his desire to get to know you more. 
8. Writing on his Facebook wall is very 2007, so write on the actual walls of his home. Painting over permanent marker is harder than clicking “delete” on a post.
Sian Butcher / Buzzfeed
9. Mirror him. Buy a dark-coloured morph suit and become his shadow.
10. Men like an animal in the bedroom. Sneak into his room when he’s not around and leave a parrot in there.
11. Men also love foxy women, so occasionally eat out of bins when you and your squeeze are together.
12. Maintain eye contact. Breaking it for even a moment is a sign of weakness, so aim for 90 seconds and upwards when looking at your beau.

13. A slither of flesh can be titillating. Cutting a hole in a long-sleeved top will give a cheeky flash of well-moisturised elbow.
14. Arching your back slightly will make him notice your chest, so crawl on to all fours and adopt the crab yoga stance.

15. Alternatively, “accidentally” smear pasta sauce over your chest during your dates to draw attention to your assets. 

16. If you’re not going to an Italian restaurant, simply bring a jar of it with you in your handbag.
Sian Butcher / Buzzfeed
17. Eat phallic foods. While a banana is all well and good, taking a bite out of an aubergine, the universally recognised emoji symbol for dick, is far sexier.
18. Casually stretch in front of him to show your body off to best effect. Five minutes of strenuous lunges while you both wait for the train should do the trick.
19. Leave a subtle, lingering reminder of your scent. When he leaves a room, writhe around on his sofa a bit.
20. A high-pitched voice can sound nagging. Nail a sexy, huskier tone by constantly mimicking Christian Bale’s Batman voice.
21. Leave him wanting more. Pause mid-sentence and hold it for an hour or two. The long wait will leave him desperate to hear your anecdote.
22. Men like a challenge. Answer every question with a question.
23. Alternatively, if your man likes a real challenge, don’t tell him where your next date is; instead, leave a series of mysterious clues littered around the town where he lives.
24. Pointing towards someone is a subtle sign that you’re interested, but pointing at them sends out a far stronger message.
Sian Bucther / Buzzfeed
25. An “in and out” motion can be very sexy, so repeatedly dip your finger into his drink when you’re having coffee together. He’ll know what you’re alluding to.
26. Give off a cool, even cocky vibe to show off your self-confidence. At a restaurant, start throwing your glass in the air. He’ll find your self-assurance sexy.

27. Gently touch your lips to draw attention to your mouth. To really nail this move, circle your mouth 12 times clockwise and 12 times counter-clockwise, then repeat for eight minutes.
28. Also, lick your lips frequently. If you feel like you’ll forget, smear a teaspoon of honey around your mouth. You’ll be licking it off all night.

29. He’ll feel reassured if he knows you’re relaxed around him, and nothing is sexier than being chilled out. So fall asleep when he’s talking, but remember to set an alarm so you only nod off in his presence for an hour or so at the most.
30. Moving your hips as you walk will capture his attention, so bring a hula hoop and make good use of it when you’re out together.

31. Accidentally brushing his knee is flirtatious, so bring your nicest hairbrush if you want to execute this move properly.
32. Lean over the table towards him so it’s clear you’re engaged in what he’s saying. Keep leaning until your entire upper body is sprawled out on the table. Then bring your legs up and lie down on it.