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Can You Really Think and Grow Happier?

Today I'm going to show you something I've already shown you, but I'm going to do it from a different angle! To the ones who read it before, and ignored it, well it should now help you to dig in. To the ones who didn't read it will give you another chance, and to the ones who read it, you will enjoy further mindset change...
So if you think it may be helpful to you then read on...

It seems beyond obvious that we should spend time with our thoughts thinking about things, which make us happier... However, the fact that things are obvious is by no means enough of a reason for humans to do it. The mad and sad fact is, that virtually all people's thought processes predominantly involve thinking about things, which make them unhappier.
So why do you think it is that instead of focusing on things, which help their well being, they unconsciously choose to focus on things, which take them away from it?

Consider, do you focus predominantly on things, which hurt you rather than help you? It sounds like insanity when it's spelt out, and it is! It happens when we unconsciously let go of our thoughts and let an insane entity inside our minds decide on:
What we think about, and...
How we think about them...

Through our absence of thought (when we are in the waking sleep - meaning we are awake, but not present) we allow the voices in our mind to direct our thoughts towards things, which are unhelpful... And then we unconsciously (meaning it's not our fault as we are asleep) allow ourselves to create and cultivate feelings towards ourselves, which are destructive. If that isn't insane then I don't know what is... But then everyone does it, so it is considered normal.

The secret of how to be happy lies in understanding why we allow ourselves to be sad... These thoughts we allow in are seemingly minor when looked at in isolation... Some aren't obviously but some are minor destructive thoughts, which can lead to big, big problems. Things like, I can't do this, or I'm fat, or nobody likes me, or I don't fit in... These unconscious thoughts lead to big problems in massive numbers of people's lives. So maybe it is time for mindset change?

They are unconscious, because no conscious person would sabotage themselves with destructive thoughts, as that would be mad. These thoughts are the adverts or similar ones to the ones that are being aired inside our minds 24/7 by the entity, which is our ego.

So what is this ego thing?
Our egos are made up of all the experiences from our past; it has no knowledge of the future. And our / your ego's job is to keep you safe!
Now when you look at it like this you would be forgiven for thinking, 'Cool, my entire life experiences and its job is to keep me safe... This is OBVIOUSLY a good thing!' However, the ego is anything but good!

You see, the assumptions you made along the way were made with the help of this insane squatter in your mind. So basically any decisions and assumptions you made, thanks to its help, need to be fully re-evaluated with a clear and calm mind. There should your mindset change appear.

You may want to pause and consider those last few sentences again... It is a neurotic little dictator that does everything it can, plays every imaginable and unimaginable trick on you to keep you safe, which unfortunately means...

To keep you trapped in your past and afraid of the future. Doesn't sound so good now does it?
Well it gets worse, your past life experiences are not necessarily or even likely to be right! You see, the assumptions you made along the way were made with the help of this insane mindset change.