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How to Recover From Abuse, Victimhood and Loss to Become Happy

What if I tell you whether you were a victim of abuse or have suffered great loss and tragedies in your life, it is possible to become happy. That healing is possible and could be permanent. Of course, traditional therapy has its place and I would be the first to tell you with the right therapist you can make great stride in recovery. I once also benefited from therapy myself. However, despite thousands of dollars I wasn't able to get to the core of my emotional issues. That is until I finally found the missing piece in my healing puzzle.

An abusive past, loss such as divorce or the loss of a loved one, could leave indelible marks on us. To make matter worse, the demands of our lives do not allow us the luxury of time to grieve properly, to get angry when needed. We are prompted to move on, to get over it. When this happens, the negative emotions generated as a result of our experiences get stashed away, in the recess of our sub-consciousness, like garbage stuffed in a trash can. We can ignore it, but sooner or later it's going to stink! The key to lasting recovery is to get rid of the garbage in our sub-conscious and heal our ego self, our wounded child.

Our feelings and emotions are stored as energy in our body, even our DNA. This energy can't be destroyed, but it can be released and transformed. It is only when undesirable emotions are released and transformed into love that permanent healing can be made possible. The method is not complicated, but to make it work takes courage, but then you are worth the effort! Your happiness translates into inspiration for the people around you, the environment you are in, and ultimately it impacts the entire universe. Think about that.

First, you need to declare your intent to heal your emotional pain in writing. The act of writing constitutes an act of creation. You are literally creating your own healing and happiness. Then verbally declare your written intent to the universe. Make your intent an affirmation you can repeat everyday. This constitutes another act of creation. It also serves to help rewrite the pathways in your brain. With repetition it literally rewires your thought process.

Next, you must connect to your emotions. We are often told to be strong, to not cry, to get over it. But nature created emotions for a reason. A woman I know is so disconnected to her own emotions she thought curiosity is an emotion. It is NOT. Sadness, anger, joy, these are emotions. A simple exercise to practice everyday is to simply sit quietly by yourself and ask yourself, how am I feeling? What am I feeling? 
Allow your emotions to naturally surface. Then intend to transform these negative emotions into love and light. Give it a try. You'd be amazed how much better you feel afterwards.

When undesirable emotions surface, it is important that you allow them to be released naturally, without judgement or reservation. Then, set the intention to transmute these emotions into love and light. This will transform the energy behind these emotions at the core level so they don't get triggered again.

Finally, declare your new intentions for happiness in tangible concrete way. What I mean is declare what you want to see manifest in your life, whether it be loving relationships, a healthier body, more inner peace, or just to sleep better at night. Declare these intentions in clear, precise language. Then use these written intentions as your own affirmations everyday to manifest a happier you!