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Why Does Being More Stoic Help You?

Being more stoic means being indifferent to pain or pleasure. If you get too happy, there will be a low time coming for you, which may throw you off balance. This is because joy and sorrow come by turns. On the other hand, if you are so sad that you cannot come out of your painful state, the only person who can help you is you. So you need to work on yourself in that area. In both the cases being stoic will help you a lot. Read on for more highlights.

If you are in a happy or sad situation, being stoic will help you stay calm and integrated. Why is that? Because God does not throw more challenges nor does He give you better news. If you like this condition, teach yourself to be stoic.

Being stoic especially helps you go through hard times. You lose a lot of money or you have to bear the loss of someone dear - you cannot have them back but teaching yourself to be stoic, you can handle the situations better. The same happens when you divorce, lose a job, have enemies, hold different point of views with your best friend, are pestered constantly by your naughty child and the list goes on. All the situations I mention here are difficult to handle but if you know how to be stoic, you will quickly come out of your situation healthy and mentally sound.

What if you stay stoic during happy situations for instance, your birthday celebration, your marriage anniversary, the birth of a child and so on, would that look odd? Well, wear a smile or grin from time to time, but it helps not to get overexcited but keep your mind and heart at peace and quiet.

God will not test you hopefully. And you can maintain a healthy work/life balance. Your relationships with your children, spouse, boss, colleagues, friends and even strangers will thrive. You do enjoy these companionships but you don't let yourself be super happy but stay stoic.

How about sad times? Does being stoic and not being gloomy and teary look awkward? Not exactly - rather it shows your strength and courage in the face of overwhelming situations. Your heart may be heavy but on the outside you exhibit a pleasant appearance so that people are unable to detect your agony or displeasure. In this case you actually show brevity.

Summing up, happy or sad times, try to stay stoic and humble. It helps you transition life in comfortable, non-agonizing ways. People may be surprised at the expression you wear, without showing any emotion in good or bad times but they will get used to it once they come to know the real you. You don't have to be a people pleaser. The situations you go through in life are yours to handle, not others; so it is up to you to be indifferent to pain or pleasure or more exactly, simply be stoic.