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How to See the Upsides in a Challenge.

Almost every challenge holds an opportunity? Do you know how to look for it? Once you have mastered looking for them behind every overwhelming problem, you win the game of life every time. So how do you trace these opportunities? Read on to find out.

Consider the following scenarios:

1) You find yourself buried in debts. A surprise email lands in your inbox about a money making scheme. You can easily discard it, considering it spam. But what if you take the risk and try the suggested scheme. Chances are you will make money and be able to repay all your debts and make even more money.

2) What if you went hiking on the mountains all by yourself and fell off somewhere in a plain? You regret about the accident since you are an expert at it. But what if you look at the upside? Someone noticed you fall off and lent you a helping hand. The person helped you to rise back on your feet. You start a lively conversation. You find both of you have a lot in common. Soon enough you are hiking together and having him propose to you for being his life partner. So although you are an expert at hiking mountains, was it that bad that you fell off?

3) You have heaps of exams and quizzes to prepare. Life seems hell to cope with. You shut down all your books and documents. Then you login to Facebook, for instance. There you see a comment that inspires you. For instance, the quote, "Take it easy one day at a time. Life is not meant to be serious." catches your eyes. Immediately you feel at ease and begin to organize and schedule your workload day-wise before the quizzes and exams loom up. You find a way to prepare for all of them. So isn't the Facebook comment an upside to your challenge?

4) Your grandma passes away. She was very close to you. You had great times with her sharing stories of your life since you were a child. Now her demise makes you very sad. But what if you came to know after her funeral that she left a major part of her legacy to you. Isn't that awesome great? You weren't thinking of getting anything but you did. Now what are you going to do with all of that money? Go on a world cruise, go for higher education- what else? Start planning! Leave your worries aside and keep on moving.

5) What if you were laid off from your firm? You feel really upset about how to help your family financially. What your spouse earns is not enough. And you have to look after home maintenance and three kids' welfare and other issues. How can you look at the upside to this challenge? Start spending quality time with you family as a first step. Opportunities are everywhere. What if you went to pick up your children from their school and one of your children's friend's mother confronted you with a leaflet for a job offer that speaks to you? Yeah, life is meant to be like that - full of magic and surprises.

Don't be bogged down when challenges hit you. There are possibilities everywhere. You only need to keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy life at the same time. True, life is not meant to be serious. Always think of yourself bigger than your problems and then when you have shrunk your problem, it is much easier to handle and look for upsides all the time.