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How Pyramid Energy Speeds Up Your Personal Growth (By Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen)

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Pyramid Energy is incredibly powerful. If you know how to use it you will find that it increases your personal growth and development and is capable of opening doors to infinite new possibilities.

Pyramid energy is a vital part of Holistic Feng Shui which I teach mainly to professionals helping them to improve their work lives.

Not any old pyramid works

Before we go deeper I want to issue a caveat: Don't rush out to your nearest alternative shop to purchase a pyramid for a few dollars. It won't work.

The small pyramids we use to create better energy in offices or homes are specially made from precious materials which are put together to a special proven formula.

Just like the mysterious big pyramids of Egypt and many other places, a pyramid that fulfils its function needs to conform to certain universal principles. These principles have to be strictly adhered to, or you get no benefit from pyramids.

With that in mind let me tell you what happens when you bring a pyramid into your home

Pyramids transform chaotic energy which is generated by our thoughts, feelings and emotions into harmonious energy patterns. You can feel the harmony that is emitted within the field of the pyramid. If you have spent time alone on top of any of the large pyramids of the world you will know that it is a mind altering experience.

All pyramids have three main areas from where their power is released. The places are the tip of the pyramid, in the upper third of the pyramid and at the bottom. The bottom of a pyramid emits energy into the ground.

When you spend time in the vicinity of a pyramid chaos disappears and harmony sets in

Obstacles begin to be smoothed away. They are smoothed away by making you see your life with more clarity. You suddenly begin to notice how you do your thinking. Unconscious behaviours and subconscious thoughts will come to the surface.

As you know we can only change something that we are aware of

When you have pyramids in your office or home everything accelerates. You have to be careful that you don't overdo it. Quantity does not improve results, correct placement is vital to get good results. While the energy smoothes your path it also will show up everything that needs to change and that can be a little overwhelming. If you have too many pyramids, or use them incorrectly their power can overwhelm you.

Handled correctly the right kind and number of pyramids are fantastic personal growth tools and environmental harmonizing tools. I wouldn't be without my pyramids under any circumstances.