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Make Yourself Great Again

Do you ever stop and think what it might take to make you great again? Let's start with personality traits. Some say personality is inherited, but in reality these traits are developed individually through behavior exhibited over and again. It's funny how many of us can "see the speck in someone's eye, but fail to see the log in our own eye." What this is saying is before you criticize another person's behavior, understand how your actions might be stimulating this person's reactions. It is a value to be concerned, but don't react and berate what you observe. Develop the practice of offering others caring responses to behaviors appearing offensive. Don't judge, focus on what you see, and express concern. Adjustment is personal; it develops your abilities to offer help to others.

A child's dream becomes a young man's passion. This passion creates career decisions through mid-life and into older age. The rockets are firing from the start, some misfire, but the engine never quits. The drive for a career begins a journey fraught with disappointment and elation, failure and success, hurt and satisfaction. But most importantly, at the end of the journey, accomplishment, pride, integrity, and dignity are the driver's results. These are learned skills; if they have not been developed, start now to reorganize and make corrections to facilitate productive development.

Maintaining control and being in charge is a task requiring information, understanding, and a willingness to abide by these behavior directives. Information raises your awareness, understanding guides you to create a plan of action, and taking action is your energy, desire, and dedication for managing to the best of your ability. You are in the driver's seat when you are actively thinking and managing yourself. With God as your co-pilot, you are on a winning team.

Learning is a process, a continuous event with no end. As you engage others, listen, observe, and absorb positive, productive information. These are basic elements of learning. Once received and acknowledged as beneficial, a level of understanding wraps the package, and prepares it for implementation. Once put in action, assessment and evaluation indicate value and cement learning experiences.

Others observe your actions and behavior. "Perception, the truth as you see something, but not as is really is," often leads to judgment calls. Your thoughts are internal controls. They direct your actions and behavior. Positive, productive, and inoffensive thoughts direct behavior that may be well intended, supportive, and loyal. Done successfully, they produce behaviors that are efficient, maintain relationships, and effect memorable results. No better sign of loyalty exists.

If depression sets in, you are likely sensing darkest moments. Depression is like riding a roller coaster headed down from its highest peak. Putting on the brakes only gets you stuck at the bottom. Allowing the decent, the bottom is reached with momentum carrying you back up. Don't put the brakes on when distracted by negative thoughts. Substitute positive thought of what you can do. Eventually the roller coaster comes to a platform. Your choice: get off or go for another ride. Choose wisely.

Advice or direction offered in written or spoken communication can provide legitimate tools for change or adjustment. Thoughts process information, gain understanding of its meaning, and gets you ready for action. The information and understanding helps you know where you are going and to identify purpose. Action is a personal decision based on desire for exploration, accomplishment of a specific goal, and reward for achieving a productive and desired outcome. Be selective and understand your choices.

Life's journey is the "first wonder of the world." Wondering what tomorrow may bring; wondering if success will result; wondering if this is the correct path! A need to be strong, wise, and in control guides you through suggestions and ideas. You may stumble and fall, but faith and belief encourages you, provides strength to get up, and moves you to continue. Determination and drive erase wonders and guides us over the finish line! Trust faith, believe in yourself, and gallop on!

Dr. Mike