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Daily Decisions: Why You Should Think With Your Heart

Daily every moment you make small and big decisions. Do you put your heart in when you think with your mind? Why do I ask? Read on for answers.

Your heart is the core of your being and bears true feelings. While the mind thinks, its inner critic is at work. So your thoughts and feelings are pulled in different directions and you make an inconsistent choice.

Always think with your heart because your heart will always tell you the truth through the feelings you have about a particular situation or matter. Your thoughts are secondary while your heart is prime.

You make the best decisions when your thoughts and feelings are on the same plane. That way your decisions are solid and can never be wrong.

Practice and practice thinking with your heart. Ask yourself: What does my intuition say? And the heart will answer for you. Whenever you find your thoughts discordant with your feelings, stop. Distract yourself for a few minutes by focusing on something. It can be a home item, office ingredient, a picture or even a view. Then come back to the choice you are about to make. Look what your heart says. Find out what your mind says about the same matter. If they are in harmony now, you are well off to make a good decision.

Therefore, when you make a choice or decision, always figure out if you are thinking with your heart. In most cases you will be not. So attempt again and again until you do it on autopilot meaning it becomes a good habit for you and there is not much effort on your part.

Heart and mind are crucial elements of the body. While feelings belong to the heart, thoughts belong to the mind as I have already mentioned. Thoughts and feelings are not in the same category. While your feelings agree with your gut instinct, your thoughts may have a problem because of your mind's inner critic. In other words, while your feelings will be positive, your thoughts will be negative. That is why I advise you to learn and relearn to harmonize your thoughts and feelings.

As I have already mentioned, if you are able to do it on autopilot, you will never ever make a wrong choice. You have successfully educated yourself into making good decisions no matter how big or small. Isn't that wonderful?