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Build an Influential Lifestyle

In today's society there is so much noise that to compete you have to be louder in every aspect of your life. You are competing with social events and other distractions and most importantly what is influencing your decision-making and the barriers that make it hard to reach your full potential. Your goal should be to create an identity for yourself that involves yourself with great leaders, and that channels your expectations and your goals and most importantly your power to control the influential lifestyle you're seeking. It is very important to understand that you can't have everyone as your friend. You must select only a few and I mean only a hand-full of people into your environment.

What you need to accomplish is a ground game to access the necessary information from these groups of people you surround yourself with, and I'm talking about the LEADERS, the SMART, and most SUCCESSFUL, POWERFUL RISK takers that you can find. For there is where you will find many solutions and ideas. Once you discover these leaders in your circle, create firewalls around them by having the greatest relationship with them as possible, this will allow you to break into other markets of great leaders and people in the marketplace.

Example: Find the people who are really influential in the business that you want to start, and let's say you don't have the funds to start the business, which can ordinarily be tough. Find them and connect with them, grab their ATTENTION and don't let GO! You have to pass the gate- keeper, so call them, email them and call them again and email them again and repeat! Sound persistent? You should be a billboard that they can't stop looking at. Remember successful and powerful people who are very influential want to be surrounded by other people who want to be like them. If you are loyal to seeking their attention it will give them a sense of urgency to connect. However you must remember that these powerful and influential people hear a lot of noise so you have to be louder than that noise, and quite frankly that will be your way of life once you build that relationship.

So be LOUD and go out to create a lot of noise and get the ATTENTION that you need to be POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL to create the lifestyle you need for yourself. And don't doubt yourself! And my question to you is are you going to go out there and be GREAT? And are you going to STAY GREAT! Remember it's all about the connections that have INFLUENCE!