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Are You Willing to Do What It Takes? (By Chris Atley)

What a beautiful week! I had the privilege of taking my sacred circle members to do aerial yoga for our quarterly off-site event! It was such a meaningful experience and I still can't believe all of the parallels with being a business owner! Like letting go and taking one step at a time, that you can put your hands down and touch the ground at any time and be grounded again, the courage in community - where you can look over and see someone else doing it and gain the courage you need yourself to do the same, and the BIG one - that you're safe when you let go AND can even enjoy it! Here is a picture of us doing chandelier pose, which is a lot like dancer in yoga except upside down. How cool right?! I also discovered doing something that physically gets you out of your comfort zone is huge for doing the same in business.

Yesterday I enjoyed at day at the spa with girlfriends at La Costa here in San Diego. Most of you will know it as Deepak Chopra's center. His center is there along with a fabulous hotel and spa. This is one of my favourite spots to rejuvenate, as you can use the entire spa facility for the day after your treatment. It has a beautiful pool, waterfall shower, steam, sauna and hot tub. It's a little piece of heaven and I highly suggest you treat yourself to something similar soon! Treating yourself helps to raise your vibration. You are deserving of goodness! In the evening I attended a profound movie screening in Hollywood with another dear friend - I love that my first screening is for a documentary. An impactful look into the alarming statistic of how many homeless kids there are in LA and what we can do about it. More to come on this later.

Today I want to ask you a tough question - are you willing to do what it takes to have the success you're wanting in your business? AND what the heck does that even mean anyway? Read on for more on this and how to align yourself with what you're really wanting.

So... are you willing to do what it takes to grow your business to the level you're wanting?

I remember a past mentor asking me this over and over again. That voice is still engrained in my head. Are you willing to do what it takes? This was a great question because it made me stop and think. Well, who are we kidding, I didn't need to stop and think about this... I was a wholehearted yes right away!! It did help me define what this meant though.

The thing is, what this meant to me at that time and what it means to me now have changed significantly. At first it meant hustle and only hustle. Do whatever it takes to make things work. Put in a ton of time and make the business the priority always. Never stop. It didn't matter if I was tired, burned out, and if relationships were unraveling around me, the focus must me the business. AND for goodness sake, do not EVER and I repeat EVER use your kids as an excuse for stopping.

Noted, and executed.

Well, what kind of existence is that? It sounds exhausting right? Well it was. I realized a couple of years ago, that all I was doing was eating, breathing and sleeping my business. I took the question to heart, as I can be pretty black and white sometimes.

It dawned on me that I didn't really have my priorities straight. I did get married and have kids for a reason, right?! I was so focused on being of service in my business, that I missed it at home. This led to a complete reassessment, some rebellious behaviour In terms of the coaching industry and a BREAK from it all. I continued to work with the clients I had and kept it low key from there. I focused on giving and receiving love at home and all around me. It was heavenly.

I studied the course in miracles intently and had some massive shifts around the ego and our true selves. I discovered what true inner peace is.

SO... that's all great, but how does this look in business today?

Well, whenever I get in this "do what it takes" mode I can see it's coming from fear and ego. When I approach my clients from this place it doesn't work. It's too harsh.

What does work is this:

*aligning myself with the best version of me and making decisions from this place (this is where self-care comes in)

*exercising a strong faith muscle where I believe and know FULLY that the universe (for me it's God, the holy spirit and some pretty rad arc angels) is always showing me more and more people to help and how to be of service AND that I'm never, ever alone

*financial goals are secondary to being of service

*creating a life I love with the people I love, in a way that works for me

*having the support in place in both my business and personal life so that I can be the person I need to be

*persevering and not taking no (in terms of my vision) for an answer and knowing without a doubt there is ALWAYS a way to make things happen

*AND last but not least, HUSTLE! This is where the "willingness to do what it takes" comes into effect in an empowered way! We must be willing to do what we need to do in order to bring all of the wonderful opportunities we are creating into the physical form (to fruition). It will not happen without inspired action. The shift in perspective I've had around this though is just this. It is inspired action. It doesn't feel like work because I'm coming from a place of trust and love first, and not fear. It's exciting to bring opportunities to fruition and see them though. It involves "hustle" as I call it, as you have to keep taking action until it's complete. You have to pick up the phone repeatedly, meet with people, etc. and do whatever else is required. You essentially need to BE who you need to be in order to bring the opportunities to fruition. That means stepping out of your comfort zone, and doing things differently and being WILLING to do this. The willingness really means being willing to move through uncomfortable feelings so that you can be in alignment with what you're really wanting.

The biggest difference is that when you're in the place I outlined above, you are not coming from fear. It's not a struggle. The way I approached this before was coming from fear. Afraid I wasn't spending enough time and really deep down if I'm being honest, that it wasn't going to actually happen. The irony though is that even though I was putting so much into it before and "willing' to do whatever it took, it started happening on a much deeper level once I shifted to this new perspective. Where opportunities to serve manifest without struggle, and hustle serves an inspired purpose of bringing them to fruition.

This is where the magic happens xo