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What Would You Attempt to Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail? (By Rosina S Khan)

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Do you know what you are good at - your skill set, expertise and competencies? If yes, and if you are at a transition point in your life, it shouldn't be hard to figure out for you what you would like to do if you knew you couldn't fail. Read on for highlights.

As for me, I am not on my regular job as a university faculty member anymore. But I know for sure if I continue my career in that area, I wouldn't fail. I have much experience and expertise so that nothing could go wrong. Yet I have some difficulties which are delaying me to fall back into the rhythm of life.

For the time being, I am writing fiction stories, self-help eBooks, articles, blogs and guides. I am growing my email list so that I can reach my products to a larger audience by participating in giveaway events. I know for sure, writing and being an author is another area I would excel which I wouldn't have known if I hadn't given up my regular job.

You should, like me, have several options in your life if you are desperately in need of a career change. Everything starts with a thought, a plan and a series of actions towards it. While you take daily small actions, your life rejuvenates and you get back the mojo of life.

While you have several options for career changes, you have to pick one and attempt to succeed. You know for sure you couldn't fail in these options. It is just a matter of making a choice.

How do you make a wise choice? Rely on your gut instinct, really feel what speaks to you and additionally weigh out the pros and cons of your option. If the pros are greater, you are good to go. Nothing can stand in your way and no one can stop you. You are going to lead a meaningful life once again and stand up for something important, which makes you an important person.

After you have made your choice wisely, hold someone close accountable for your daily actions. They will point out your mistakes and remind you to stay on the path you have chosen. It's like having a mentor giving you good advice all the time. You can also contact professional coaches and get the required help. Everything should fall together and you should be back on your way up the ladder of success.