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The Most Difficult Job in the World (By Pitche Zeegwun)

Like a lot of us, I did not have the best childhood. I had done an immense amount of inner healing before my daughter came along or so I thought. From the moment my daughter was in my arms to the present moment 22 years later I have had a lot of doorways opened for myself that I did not know existed.

Our body has an amazing way of storing experiences in different ways that will wake up at the most unexpected moments. Children have ways to open us up inside that is only unique to them. So, instead of getting annoyed and taking out on my daughter with whatever was going on at the moment, I would excuse myself and take an inner viewing. OMG, so many situations I had forgotten about.

What I have noticed through the years of observation is that a lot of parents do not realize that when our children push our 'buttons' that those 'buttons' are really our own unresolved inner issues. What we seem to not be aware of is that our own experiences become part of how we respond to different situations. The saying 'leave the past in the past' does not really work. During our lifetime there will be many opportunities that will present themselves as triggers that will cause us to either fight, flight, or freeze inwardly.

Imagine how many relationships with our children that could have been amazing if only we had known. Many parents are unaware that the situation they are in is not the only way of being. That they have choices. Not everyone realizes that the way we behave with our children is 'our choice', either consciously or unconsciously.

What if everyone could have a moment in time to 'freeze' at a particular moment with their child! It could give us the opportunity to see what it was like for us at that particular moment. Would we choose to respond the same way to our child or would we look at it differently, through different eyes.

Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. We have no education requirements, no official training, no experiences except what we learned from our own family and our friends.

Well, my daughter sure has shown parts of my inner world that lay dormant until woken by the best, my child. What really started my healing journey was when I had my daughter!