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Why You Never Have Enough Money at the End of the Month

Most people who live in the western societies have some form of debt. Not only they owe a lot of money to the bank or another such institution, but at the end of each month, they might find themselves in trouble of not being able to repay their credit card debt. This is a fact that I have been flabbergasted about for a long time.
Until I had a chance to personally observe the spending habits of several different people who claimed they struggled with not having enough money. Some of these people didn't even earn any money for themselves. Well, after seeing the way they shopped, it all made sense to me.
See if you can recognize any of your own habits that would be similar to these people's ways of spending money.
Ten ways to go broke
  1. You become aware of a new gadget and you have to get it
  2. You are into buying brands
  3. You are prone to believe advertising claims
  4. If something is more expensive, it must be better quality
  5. You believe that discounts and specials are for seniors
  6. If your friend has something, you have to have it too
  7. You buy expensive groceries and produce and then forget about it and have to throw it out as it goes off
  8. You have to follow recipes to the T
  9. You can't cook from what you have at home and have to go to the supermarket several times a day to buy more things
  10. You eat out in restaurants often
Do they resonate with you? If so, you might have the same issue in your own life. There is never enough money at the end of the month.
And some people who live life according to the above way of thinking might even feel that money is something bad. That money is not associated with nice people and that if they were to have much money, they would not be considered good person.
These beliefs formed back during your upbringing. Depending on your environment and family/carers, you will have certain beliefs about money. These beliefs from early life influence your decisions in your current adult life.
The reality is, that it's not the money itself that are 'bad' or 'evil' or 'dirty' or any other word. Money is only a convenient means of transferring energy. However, what you believe about money and also about yourself will influence the spending habits you have.
In order to improve your financial situation, you first need to look at your internal beliefs about money and about yourself. To become aware of what these beliefs are. Only then can your financial situation improve.