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Dealing With the Fears That Come With Internet Marketing

When I started marketing on the internet, it was my first experience with marketing in general and I was bombarded with fear. Everything from the what ifs to my own set of personal fears that resurfaced as a result of pursuing a lucrative career in internet marketing.
Identifying your fears
First things first you'll have to identify your fears, take a long look at yourself and put down on paper any roadblocks you feel are hindering your progression. Maybe you have a hard time writing, maybe what you're writing doesn't sound all that interesting. Maybe you are shy in front of a camera. All of these are legitimate fears and can easily be overcome with some practice and focus. I really had a hard time putting myself out there in the beginning, it was not easy. I was not very happy with the content I was producing and that just turned into alot of inaction on my part. Which in turn caused some old wounds to return. It's good dealing with that stuff but you can't let it control you. I really got caught up in anger, it wasn't anger toward my marketing, (or the lack of it) but it was contributing to my inaction. Once I realized I was dealing with anger issues, it was easier to move forward and start producing again. As far as my own insecurities go, I just keep taking action, in spite of them. Those insecurities grow less and less powerful each time I take action.
Moving past the barrier of fear
I dealt with this a little in the last paragraph, the one proven way to move past any fear is simply repetition. The more you ride your bike the more naturally it will come to you. It is also important to move past current marketing content. Relying on existing content is a recipe for failure. Especially if you are article marketing, forum posting, press releasing, anything with alot of writing and minimum exposure needs to continually be redistributed and sometimes rewritten to reflect new knowledge you've gained. It does seem overwhelming but the repetition will make huge improvements in your writing style and the fresher your content the more you are going to start seeing results.
Embracing the growth trapped in fear 
If you can see growth opportunities in your adversity then you are definitely on the right track. Anyone who can grow through their own mistakes takes a distinct advantage in their marketing. Growing despite fear is going to impact your business tremendously and showing that you can gain the wisdom and insight will also benefit you in the long-run. So just keep persisting and don't give up your dreams! I'm not!