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Learning to Tap Into Your Will Power Through Auto-Suggestion

Here lies the art of auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestion is self-suggestion. Suggestion can be used to empower an individual. Man can suggest all that he wishes. By merely suggesting to one's self in the defiance of reason what you shall have in vibrant faith. Faith, a state of being so stern that it demands out of the ether of spirit the material equivalent of the expression it drives. When we break into faith, we see what we want and hold claim to it through will.
It's of the up most importance for you to combine strong positive emotion with your auto-suggestions. Faith being the most potent of emotional states. Doubt can not be allowed to narrate your story if you should wish to claim that which you desire. Remember this, hold faith steady and true, laugh, for doubt will lose the war with you. Empower your will to cast your desire into the wheel of life, saying to life "I have come to claim what's mine for I saw it in my mind."
I'd like to bring to your attention the power of association. The mind is an associating machine. How often does the smell of something associate you with the memory of long thought of? You can trick your subconscious mind, by the use of imagination we can devise associating schemes to auto-suggest. This is really powerful stuff, consider this. The popularity of religious ceremonies and rituals. They all hold claim to the power over their sub-conscious through association. It is a powerful force when faith is not so easily grasped. When do you associate something with something else? Can you use that association to affect the sub-conscious in such a way that it benefits you? You may have to engage the imagination to solve this one. Remember minds aren't all together that different, read some literature on ritual work if you wish to take this route. Although acquiring stern faith is a higher prize in my opinion.
We have witnessed the power of suggestion, understood it's amplified under the authority of emotion and faith. We know the power of the imagination is capable of bringing an idea in to physical form by means of knowledge and the application of practical steps. We watched our memories and ideas be stimulated into different realms of thought through association. I encourage you to demand of life what you desire. It shall be yours through skillful employment and defiantly protesting "I will not be moved". Bless you and may your hearts desire be given unto you.