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5 Mistakes That Will Cause You to Fail Miserably at Manifesting Abundance

Okay, so you're FRUSTRATED because you've known about the Law of Attraction for some time and have applied, applied, and then applied it some more and have still come woefully short of manifesting abundance in your life.
Well, here are the top five mistakes that people make when it comes to the Universal laws and principles of reality creation that make them not able to manifest a damn thing.
1) Lack of Clarity
Most people put more in planning for their one week vacation than they do for the type of life they want to live. If you're not totally clear on what you want to manifest, you're going to jump from one desire to the other and FAIL at manifesting anything. A lack of clarity will kill your efforts of manifesting abundance before you even get out the door.
2) Being too attached to the outcome
When you're too attached to the outcome, you're tense, doubtful and scared that the Universe isn't going to manifest your desires for you. You're doubtful of the infinite wisdom of the Universe to manifest your desires in the best way possible, and are saying you know better. With a mindset like that, how can you expect the laws of reality creation to work?
3) "Secretly" doubting that the Laws of Reality Creation Work
Yep, some people actually embrace the laws and principles for manifesting abundance with their mouths, but with their minds they're skeptical that they work at all. With a mind of doubt, there's no way that you can make proper use of these laws and principles, and attempting to use them just becomes silly.
4) Trying to force things to happen.
We all have been taught that to get what we desire in life, we have to work hard for it. That's a very noble premise but having a mindset like this when you're working with the laws of reality creation causes you to go against the flow of the Universe. When you go against the flow of the Universe, you miss all the opportunities that are laid in your path that will bring your desires into reality.
5) Thinking that Law of Attraction is the only law of reality creation that you need
There's a saying that goes, "What you don't know won't hurt you." I think that's nonsense because what you don't know about reality creation can and WILL hurt your chances of manifesting abundance. The Law of Attraction is NOT the only law involved in reality creation, but most people don't know that, and they enter the "game" of reality creation not knowing all the rules. When you don't know all the rules of a game, how can you expect to be successful?
There's a Bible verse that goes, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." These are five of the most common mistakes people make because they don't know any better.
However, as I close this, I ask, what else might you not know that's holding you back from manifesting abundance?