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Success Begins With a State of Mind

When it comes to wanting to be more, do more, and achieve more sometimes life gets in the way. Without a direction of where you are going it's difficult to get to where you want to go. Many people in life hope for success, but have no real reason why they want to be successful and even more how to be successful. In my opinion success begins in the mind. If you want to be successful you first have to create a successful mindset. You have to already be successful there for it to even manifest into the real world. Today I wanted to discuss some things that I feel successful people do.

8 Keys to success:

1) Have a Dream

There must be something deep down inside of you that will push you to work towards being successful and you must have a dream. Do you dream of having the money, the fame, being a star athlete, the best person you can be, etc. What is it that will drive you to give it your all every single day? Put that image in your mind... see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, imagine every single detail as if you were living it. Paint a vivid picture in your mind.

2) Set Goals

Goal setting is very important and is probably the most important task when it comes to success. Without goals you will be lost... Goal setting gives you direction. Physically you must write down your goals to make them real. Take those thoughts inside of your head and put them on paper. Once those goals are written down read them every single day 2-3 times. Morning, noon, and night. Your mind will begin to construct ways to accomplish those goals. Each goal should be a progression to the outcome you are seeking.

3) Be Committed

There will be many obstacles and many pitfalls that will deter you from your goal. Make sure you are committed! Program yourself to be strong and confident in yourself to know that there is nothing that can stop you from finishing. This is what separates the winners from the losers. Many times people quit too early, unknowingly eliminating themselves from the finish line that is just up ahead. Focus on the finish and be committed!

4) Keep Good Company

Who you surround yourself with will determine if you make it or not. You environment is a big key to success. If you hang around people that aren't going to motivate and uplift you it will be hard to remain positive, focused, and motivated. Get around people that are going to encourage you, push you, and provide you with a helping hand. This might mean having to distance yourself from friends or family for a bit, but it is worth it in the long run.

5) Be Accountable

Success doesn't come by yourself and you will need the help of others to be successful and remain successful. Therefore, you must be accountable. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Learn how to work well with others, develop effective communication skills, and be reliable.

6) Never Stop Learning

I have often heard people say they were finished learning after they were done with school. One should never stop learning or seeking knowledge. It doesn't have to be in the form a school, but never limit one's self. Continue to read books and invest in your personal growth. Successful people spend their time always stretching and developing themselves into something better.

7) Don't Stop at No

The word "NO" can be very powerful in crushing a person's confidence. Don't let other people's non-belief in you stop you from moving forward. People are going to tell you no. If you cannot get them to say yes find another way to change their mind or move on to the next.

8) Time Management

Time is precious! We cannot get back time so utilizing your time wisely is important. Successful people value time and understand it's importance. Learn how to get things done in a timely manner and get as much as you can get done during the day. Constantly strive for success. Set goals for yourself and find ways to attain those goals. Never stop learning and growing. Success is about constantly striving for better. When you become complacent you begin to lose yourself. Always work towards being more that you can be and you will live a successful life.

The keys listed above are a good start.

If you follow those strategies I'm sure you will be successful.

To your success.

Best Wishes!