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What is Auto-suggestion and why is it Fundamental to Think and Grow Rich?

Auto-suggestion is a term that describes the process in which people stimulate their minds through self suggestion. It refers to the method which we all use to communicate between our conscious thoughts and the actions that are carried out subconsciously. In other words when a thought enters your mind through any of the five senses, it is either accepted or rejected by the subconscious part of the mind. Although there is the potential for anyone to learn how to control these thought processes, many are unable to reject negative thoughts and so as they dominate a persons mind. This eventually leads to destructive behavour.
By filling the subconscious mind with positive thoughts and discouraging the negative ones you can learn how to influence the way you carry yourself through life's obstacles. It is down to each individual whether through auto-suggestion, they want to fall into good or bad habits through the repetition of its process.
To understand the process of auto-suggestion a little better it is essential that you establish what your desires are in life. What is it you want to achieve and what kind of reward do you want for your time and efforts? Write down your future plans and aims and read them allowed every day. Imagine yourself achieving your goals and experiencing the success your efforts would bring. By repeating the process you will find that you start to subconsciously act on these positive thought impulses. However, you will only start to see the desired results if you truly believe in yourself, and your own individual dream.
This may all seem a bit abstract for you at first and it may take a while to come to terms with what auto-suggestion is capable of. Do not give up if it is not clear in the beginning. By thinking positively and channelling that thinking into a step by step program that pushes you further towards the definite goal that you have you will start to see successful results. Remember that it takes a strong willed person and a lot of persistence to get this to work.
Success also depends on your willingness to concentrate on a specific desire rather than to have too many aims at once. The ability to concentrate o a single desire so much that it eventually becomes an obsession will mean you are constantly using your subconscious mind to find solutions to the problems which prevent you reaching your goals.
One way of improving that concentration on desire is to find a quiet place and to sit and imagine yourself in the position you are looking to get to, or with the possessions you desire to obtain. By repeatedly telling yourself you are capable of achieving that goal and by actually imagining the result of your hard work you can to some level trick the subconscious mind. By realising that your goal is out there for you to claim and convincing yourself that it will be achieved no matter what, you will eventually start to plan how to go about it in stages. Do not wait for a plan to become apparent but actually imagine the success before it comes and start to focus on what would work rather than what barriers would there be in the way. You may find that days go by with you imagining the acquisition of your desire before an idea comes in a flash of inspiration. Treat these moments with the greatest of significance and get them down on paper for they are the subconscious trying to express what you have needed.
It may seem an abstract task but these instructions do work for people. The more you understand how auto-suggestion works the more chance of fulfilling that inner desire you will have. As long as you have faith and a positive mind rather than a mind full of doubt then you can see the benefit in the ideas.