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Face Your Fear of Failing

Facing your fears can be a Scary Obstacle. But if you don't take a stand for what you believe in, then your just a spectator. Yes, SPECTATOR!!! Your watching the game of life being played by other serious individuals taking massive action. Not taking action and facing your fears is way worse the failing because you didn't try. You don't need perfection to get started in the right direction. Go in the direction that you want your life to go and stop watching others have the success that you want. When you want to change an area in your life you need to take action and stop making excuses for all the reasons why you can't. Because the fact of the matter is you can. You can!!!
I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
-Michael Jordan
If you won't take my advice, then take some advice from Mike. I remember being a young kid playing basketball everyday and wanting to be like Michael Jordan. I just knew I was going to the league. But guess what? I didn't make it. I failed and that's okay because now I have a new focus and I will be damned if I fail at this. I want you to listen to this call below and get motivated. This call was just BADASS and it made my mind shift into overdrive. I am going to show you what it has done for me with Massive Action. What will you Do?
So what did you think about that call? Are you ready to face your fears and do away with any adversity or inner conflicts you may have? Well if your ready, this team is ready to help you get out your ambitions and do away with all the negative thoughts you may have in your mind as you heard.
Just Click the adversity picture below when your ready to get started!!!
If your still on the fence, then just go ahead click the Prove it To me Yellow Button for more proof that you can do it.
Here are 3 things you need to do to start moving in the direction of Imbiz Empires Team. Take it Serious and no excuses.
#1 Read daily for atleast 15 minutes
Books i recommend Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
Awake The Giant Within by Tony Robbins
#2 Set aside 2 hours per day to just do productive activity only.
No watching sales videos, trainings, calls, etc€¦. strictly productive activity.
#3 Surround yourself with positive people moving in the same direction
you want to go in, or is already in the position you want to be in.
%80 of what you do is mindset and %20 is the mechanics of getting it done and how you do it. Are you serious about changing your mindset and locking arms with Serious Entrpreneur - minded individuals that are ready to help you achieve your financial goals?
Take Action Today!!!