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The Next Level: Considerations, Fears, and Road Blocks

Are you striving for the next level in your business? Is it time to step it up by expanding your product line, going after bigger clients, growing your team, or becoming the top producer in your company. You are setting new goals and I want you to understand that as soon as they are set three things are going to emerge that stop most people - but not you.

These 3 things are simply a part of the process of goal achieving. They will show up on the road to successville. It's important that you will handle each of these three sabotaging friends as they come along. The three obstacles to your success are considerations, fears, and roadblocks.


Think about it. As soon as you decide to double your income your mind starts finding ways to talk you out of it. It takes in all the considerations you have to make. How much time will it take away from your family? What will you have to give up? Is my niche too small? Am I afraid to ask for more money? Do I have to learn new marketing to expand?

What if you were training for a triathlon? Considerations like, "Will I get hurt?", "Where will I train?", "Am I too old?" Yes, as soon as you want to advance your life your thoughts come up with reasons why you shouldn't go for your goals. It's a natural defense mechanism.

But surfacing your considerations are good. Those thoughts have floated in your head stopping you all along. Now confront them and keep moving forward.


Considerations are in your mind. Fear are feelings that can stop you cold. New goals have you feeling the fear of rejection, the fear of looking stupid, the fear of losing money, or being wrong. Fears are not unusual. It's nature doing what nature does. It's designed to protect you from harm. But most fears are made up. Fear is produced by something you saw, heard an opinion, or had a bad experience. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.


Roadblocks happen! Plain and simple. It is out of your control and beyond your thoughts and feelings. Roadblocks are an opportunity to find another way to succeed. Roadblocks could be state laws, local ordinances, a shift in the economy, weather related, or any myriad of things. It is a delay not a death sentence.

Pretend you are an athlete that just sprained his ankle. You are out of commission temporary. You rehab and heal and you are back in the game. Just like your business. It's not a "No" it's a "Not Now", and lets find a better way.

Roadblocks are simply obstacles the world throws at you. It rains at the baseball game, your kids get sick, an investor pulls out of a deal, or the product launch is delayed. Real world circumstances that you will deal with.

Unfortunately, when considerations, fears, and roadblocks come up, most people see it as a stop sign. They say, "Oh this happen it might mean it's time to stop." That is not the case. Considerations, fears, and roadblocks are a process and not a sign to quit. Just like going to the gym to workout you get sweaty and dirty. It comes with the territory.

Learn From Setbacks

Learn to welcome these frustrations when they appear, they will represent what has been holding you back. The second benefit is the lessons learned on the journey. I had a property in escrow for a client. The road block was that the lender wouldn't approve the loan until building and safety gave a variance for this property.

The problem was that this property was grandfathered due to the age and the variance was not necessary. The lender didn't understand this. So I got building and safety to contact the lender so we could close. Now I know in this part of the city that for some lenders I will have a variance clause ready so it will not delay the closing.

A setback came up, we handle it, and it will help us in the future close deals faster due to the age of the property. Once you see these three things as a process your subconscious mind will deal with it with solutions and help you move forward.