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Transmuting Pain to Power: The Importance of Memoir Creation

There is no greater agony than holding an untold story - Maya Angelou
Women who write change the world. In 2011 I decided I would be an author. The Mayan prophecy burned in my soul as I watched panic ensue and spread across the world. My untold story had nothing to do with this particular process but had everything to do with discovering the metaphysical connection between emotional pain and thoughts which were toxic.
I was able to heal myself through writing my memoir. Transmuting pain to power is as simple as taking pen to paper. Simply start by looking at your life. Who are your parents? Who are your grandparents? This is the first step toward writing a memoir that is healing and empowering.
As you begin to write your story for the first time, painful memories will creep up. These memories have attached to reactions and thoughts. You may have used these reactions and thoughts to take on the victim mentality or to stay away from relationships. Writing a transformation memoir can be a great way to heal some of these old wounds.
For example, when you begin to write you may see situations in your past that have caused you trouble in your present day life. I would remember arguments over food or money between my parents. Those memories buried themselves in my subconscious mind. For years I was afraid to ask for money from anyone. I also carried with me an intense fear of lack in regards to food.

Writing my memoir helped me release the old memories plaguing my mind. I became aware of my thoughts and changed my life path. 
You can use memoir creation to change your life too. It is as simple as writing "Who am I?" on your notebook and going from there. Some of my first written words prior to becoming an author were:
  1. I was born the daughter of a factory worker and home maker.
  2. My grandparents on my mother's side were Eston and Inerhue Wood.
  3. I am the mother of three sons.
As you can see this becomes a task. However, as you begin to trace your life, you will come in contact with situations that you now are going to write about.
Happy Writing. You can do this. Just agree with yourself that you want to write a powerful memoir and put pen to pad. Take time to relax and enjoy taking a journey into you past to make powerful changes to your present and future.