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Simple Ways to Be Happy Without the Fuss

All of us have a reason to be happy or a reason to dwell on something that brings us down. How about, considering some of the basic ways to get you on the right track to be happy without stressing over why you are not (happy). Here are a couple of tools staring you in the face to remove the gloom.


Most of us take our families for granted and do not make the time to spend it with them. Friends, colleagues and social media contacts make for a fun experience. Down the line if you do not accept that your folks also have something to contribute, speaks the language that you are not giving, but expecting and just taking.

Let us take for instance, you unplug yourself from social media, plead time out with the friends and other contacts and stay at home. It may sound weird initially, especially if you enjoy meeting others and need your social media fix, but think about it, family also brings a lot to the table. A meal always unites and when you take the time to contribute - even if you do not cook, just laying the table, will make you feel better.

Talking with people, who know you better than you can imagine, while laughing over the silliness of the past and present is a great way to forget any unhappiness. Parents have a sense of knowing when you are down in the dumps. Irrespective of how old you are, good parents always know what their children need. Talking things over with them may even make the problem disappear, because they always have your back.

A Different Zone

You do not have to venture out, spend copious quantities of moolah on stuff that you do not need. Consider doing something different at home, or in a comfort zone that you are used to instead. How about gardening? You can change the landscape (figuratively and clinically speaking). Weeding away the roots is like removing the weeds of doubt on your mind. Each unwanted shrub that you throw away is like erasing all the worries that bog you down. Plant a couple of seeds, if you have any, or just rake the soil and add that personal touch.

Listen to something interesting - nothing soulful but music that calms the nerves or even something edgy. Sing along as you go, if you know the words, and even if you do not, just go with the flow. There is nothing like giggling away by yourself when you add your own words to a medley, since you do not have an audience, you get away with this secret! The pleasures of shopping have no bounds. If you are unhappy with your money situation, some retail therapy in the form of window-shopping also does the trick. Leave the credit card back home - you avoid temptation and unnecessary spending.

Head out to the movies, munch away on popcorn and immerse yourself in the plot unfolding before you. If you do not have the will to go out, television shows or even a nice movie on DVD works beautifully. Watch programs that are not dismal. Some people swear by horror movies to help them get out of their comfort zone. I prefer a good old-fashioned sweet love story that has a happy ending. Call friends over for a fun day. A group of positive friends is what you need not a self-help group thingy. Watch a reality show or a game and before you know it, unhappiness goes out the door. Cut back on any excessive booze or grub, but do not refrain from cracking up at silly jokes. Bring some of your own and add to the merry.

Should You Talk this over with Someone?

If you want to talk about your personal problems with someone because you feel that you are on the borderline to depression, get help at the earliest. A perpetual feeling of being down in the dumps is not healthy. Experts are there to help you find a solution to the problem. If you feel that, you can talk this over with someone you know, like a friend who does not blabber, go for it. A good friend is someone who will be with you through thick and thin and will help you get by without making you feel crappy. But, if you are on a cocktail of unhappiness and lack of interest, an expert will carve a niche for you.

In Sum

There are a variety of ways to help us maintain our happy space. Quite a number of people make a career of being unhappy. Chipper people have fallen prey because of association. That being said, easy methods are available in our paths to achieve the happiness that God destined us to have, as often as we want. The point is to reach out and make the most use of the tools that are reachable instead of opting for stuff that is way out of our reach.

Dwelling on an unhappy situation will keep you in the dumps for a long time. It may also be a cause for concern that leads you to depression. Try to think positive by doing something out of the box and you may find yourself a happier person. I have wrestled in the past with sad thoughts. Positive patterns helped me be the person that I was meant to be - without the stress.