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Accepting Your Blessings - Tips for Recognizing What You Truly Have

Do you focus on lack or your blessings? It's so much more relieving to concentrate on your blessings than lack. The more you spend time thinking about lack, the more you are engulfed in lack. On the other hand, if you shift your mind on to your life's blessings, more and more blessings enter your life. So how do you recognize these blessings? Read on to find out.

You wake up one morning. Look around you - what do you see? Yes, what do you really see?

You have a cozy home with all the utilities such as electricity, gas and water. You have a cooler and heater and can set the temperature as you wish. You have a closet full of dresses and clothes from which you can choose to wear for the day.

Your hubby and kids are waking up. You feel blessed for having a family. You have breakfast together. You have food in the refrigerator, both cooked and uncooked.

You go out in your car and follow the signs. You drive to work. As you drive, you take a glance at your wonderful surroundings: trees, flowers, gardens, roads, homes and so on.

When you reach your office, you have a ready elevator to take you to the required floor. You have a PC and laptop to work on. You have access to the mighty reign of internet to get help with your work projects and existing documents as well.

You have a coffee break to talk to your colleagues. You share thoughts and ideas before you return back to work.

You return home to find your family who have also turned in for the evening and night. You have dinner together and you have a chitchat together before you retire to sleep.

So many people around the world have lost family members owing to illness, war or other form of disaster. They don't have enough food to eat. So many can hardly read or write and yet they have to make their both ends meet. Needless to say, many are jobless as well. They do not have the fare to ride on a transport nor do they know driving let alone, own a car. Their daily frustrations do not allow them to appreciate the beauty surrounding them. Nor do they have a proper home to rest, relax and sleep.

Aren't you thankful for all the blessings of your life that you do possess? I have helped you to recognize them and now probably you can find many more on your own. Be thankful for all the blessings and more and more of them will surround you as you continue to focus on them. Forget the things you lack. Worry should not be a part of the formula. Be happy for all you have and that is the simple secret to having more.