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Manifesting Your Desires Vs Asking For What You Want

We often talk about the Law of Attraction, and there are many who ask whether it really works to bring you the life you want. I believe it does... to an extent. From my own life experience, I'm coming to the conclusion that you can have anything that you desire. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order for you to be able to manifest that desire.

I'm using the word desire deliberately. Because what you desire at the deepest level of your being (the core of your being) is not necessarily the same as what you ask for.

If you're asking for something you think is socially acceptable for you to be, do or have, this can be more of an intellectual exercise. Your heart may not be in it. As a result what you ask for may not necessarily manifest. If it does manifest, it may not be something that fulfils you, or worse, you may be put off by it.

This is because your motivation for asking for what you want is external - it is based on what is socially acceptable, rather than on what is right for you. If it is not right for you, you may - on a subconscious level - repel it or be repelled by it.

Your desire should:

1. Be Part of Who You Are

What you desire needs to be a fundamental part of who you are at your deepest level. If you desire something that you deeply yearn, that you instinctively think about constantly, that you believe is absolutely the right thing for you, you will automatically start to move towards it, even manifest it. It may not show up in the way that you expect it to, but you will begin to make it happen because of the fact that you are constantly in touch with that desire.

You do, however, need to be absolutely clear about what it is that you do yearn, if it is to be successfully manifested. It is also not about having too many desires all at the same time. This will just serve to confuse you and lessen the effectiveness of the manifestation process.

2. Match Your Beliefs & Values

Your desires are inextricably linked to your innermost beliefs and values. If a significant part of you thinks you don't deserve the thing you are seeking, or you believe you will never have it, this will interrupt the natural flow of things and you may end up pushing away the very thing you yearn.

If, for instance, you wish to be a public speaker, and be able to speak in front of tens of thousands of people, but you dislike people, you're immediately in conflict.

If you don't have a natural yearning to be a good public speaker, you may find yourself speaking in front of tens of thousands of people, but the experience may be so stressful for you that you're completely put off by it. The upshot of this may be that you develop a fear of public speaking or decide never speak in public again.

If you do have a natural yearning to be a good public speaker you would see any bad public speaking experience as a necessary blip on the way to becoming a great speaker. Therefore it is important that your desires are in line with your belief system and values.

3. Let Go of The How

As you develop, your desires develop and exactly how you make your wishes come to fruition will become apparent when you are in the right place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Once the how does become apparent to you, your success will depend on the level of action you take to get what you want, as well as your commitment and perseverance.

4. Let Go of Artificial Time Limitations

The thing to avoid is to be too rigid with your timeframes. Manifesting your desires is not necessarily a rapid or a slow process. It could take days, weeks, months or years... or it could take minutes depending on what you want to have true.

This can often be the dilemma in the 21st century where the emphasis is on deadlines. The thing to do is to allow your desire to manifest itself in its own time and in its own way, and simply have faith and patience, knowing that sooner or later you'll get exactly what you seek.

If your desire, for example, is a monetary one through doing what you love, you could look to gaining an income from another, temporary, source (such as a part-time job) so that your creativity can be maintained. If the natural manifestation process turns out to be slower than you'd prefer, your creativity may be blocked if you try to speed up that process just so that you can be paid. You need time and space to use your creativity to realise your true desire without the pressure of needing to produce a particular level of income within an unrealistic timeframe.

5. Remain In The Flow

Your life should flow - and the manifestation of your desire should also flow (and occur naturally) when you are in the right space at the right time. If your life does not flow something is out of kilter or balance. If something in your life is unbalanced it could simply be that you are not yet sufficiently mature to handle that situation well enough for it to flow and be in balance:

• You may need to go through a period of training, research, reflection, consultation or other development method that puts you in a different 'space' with a different perspective 
• You may need time to develop yourself personally or professionally 
• You may need a mentor 
• You may need to simply go through a period of 'learning on the job' (and 'the job' could be any aspect of life) or 
• You may just need time to pluck up the courage to do what it is you need to do!

Throwing yourself into your life after you've articulated your desire gives you valuable experience. And experience is priceless because with experience come life lessons, maturity and new perspectives.

So be aware that whatever you fundamentally desire you will get... but it won't necessarily show up when and in the way you expect. However, be under no illusion that you will get what you really desire at the deepest level of your being. But what you really desire might not necessarily be the same as what you ask for!