Manifestation miracle

Message From the Universe: Where YOUR Happiness Is YOUR Number ONE Priority!

"You are creation's first and last chance... to be you. Just as you are today. That's all you have to be.

You really lucked out, 
The Universe"

So why be someone else? Is it because you have others telling you they are not pleased with who you are and you need to change so you can make THEM happy? What is the deal of making others happy at your own expense? Isn't your happiness more important than theirs? Why this infatuation of being so afraid of what others think of you? Can't you think for yourself? People who want you to change will always use the guilt trip approach to make you feel bad for the person you've become. You worked hard to be who you are today but your new approach to life disappoint others. WHO FREAKING CARES! Be who you want to be and not who others want you to be. Take initiative as an individual and avoid falling in the trap of feeling guilty for the person you've become. You might often hear: " I am very sadden by your behavior. I never thought you would become so selfish with your actions. I no longer recognize the person you used to be. What happened to you?". These statements can become harsher if you stay adamant to your feelings and identity. Some will use other guilt statements until you crack and you do the things they want you to do. They will try to use intimidation strategies if they see how strong of a person you've become. If you stand ground, they will eventually experience defeat and will leave you alone. This is when you can feel at peace with who you are, as a person, thinking for yourself.

There are many like that out there, trying to drain you as much as they can and get the most out of you, just like vampires. They look for a prey, get the most of what they can by using techniques of intimidation and move on to the next victim. You are left there, all drained from self-esteem. You try picking up the pieces to move on from the damage they left behind. Do not fall in their trap by doing the things you DON'T want to do, just to make them happy. Ignore their request, ignore who they are, and go on your merry way. Do what you feel is best for you. Do not fear how they will feel about you. Stay away from this negativity and work on bettering yourself. Sometimes, these vampires can be family members, or close friends. So what to do? IT can be tricky as you have no way to ignore them because they are blood relatives. Just look at it this way. If they are treating that bad, what kind of people are they anyways? Do they deserve your kindness? Do they deserve your attention? Should you expect to on your hands and knees and obey, waggling your tail, just like a dog? You are human, just like them. If they want something from you, respect is a must. You will need to use smart tactics to ignore them without making it to obvious. Be polite but firm and continue doing this over and over again until they realize how serious you are. Stay focused and make yourself as busy as you possibly can. This way, your time will always be as important as theirs.!&id=9480164