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How Can I Be Happy When Circumstances Keep Me Depressed? (By Kenny Lee)

Lately, I've been answering a few questions on that relates to depression. The common problem is people who are depressed wanted to feel happy, but they do not know how.

I know what's the feeling is like, being a victim of depression a couple of years back. It occurred after having a business failure and divorce back to back. Well, I would say one thing leads to another. Problems always have to tendency to attract another. Negative energy always attracts negative energy.

And when we do not have the answers to the problems. We slip into depression. Shutting off ourselves from the problems, the noise, and the emotional strain it caused us. In the process, we shut off people who cared for us, and indirectly shutting off the fountain of happiness within us.

The thing with depression is that most people do not even realise that they depressed. Until they showed extreme symptoms that would shock even themselves. It happened to me too. Having emotional roller coaster and bouts of anger outburst.

So, how do I break out of the endless downward spiral that depression pulled me into?

Eventually, I get bored with being sorry for myself. I've had enough of playing the victim. I knew that I could do better than being the complaining miserable soul. And with that, I decided to put a stop to all these negativity.

I took action. Positive affirmation became my daily routine. I've subscribed to as many positivity channels that I can get hold of on social media. I listened to motivational video clips. I enrolled into abundance energy healing program.

In short, I made a conscious decision to want happiness back in my life. And guess what after I've made all these changes for a few weeks consistently. New people appear in my life. New opportunities started to appear. And as things are taking a turn for the better, one day I decided to let happiness in.

Guess what I did? I forced myself to smile. Yes, it somehow invoked an emotional memory. It brought back the happy memories. And naturally, the smile open a pathway for happiness. And in the end, the smile is no longer forced but a genuine one.

Happiness Is A Skill

I believe in that now. And also the wisdom that €‹happiness is not something to be pursuit elsewhere. True happiness exists within ourselves. We just have to know the right way, and the intention to be happy again.

Does it solve my problem? Yes and No. NO, because it takes practical action to solve. And some of them may never be solved. YES. Because it lifts me out of depression. That by itself gave me a fresh perspective and a higher level of energy and confidence in facing the uphill battle.

Well, I guess I have to say, you can't be happy when circumstances keep you depressed. Because when you are happy, you are no longer depressed.