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Living The Life of Your Dreams - Do You Know What They Are? I Sure Hope So (Let's Make Sure)

In a world so full of cynicism and bitterness, it is essential to rise above it. Cynicism is all around us, just turn on the television or open a newspaper and you can not help hearing the commentators, pundits, or news report filled with it. Open your social media accounts and you'll see post after post with complaints and derogatory messages. You are not even safe walking around your community or sitting in a coffee shop because you will run into it all the time. You can not seem to be able to get away from it.

Science is showing us that everything around us is made up of energy. This energy affects us and has a direct influence on our lives. Humans have always been aware of their environment and have sought out environments with certain qualities. Among some of the attributes humans have sought out are safety, physical comfort, and psychological comfort. Maybe you heard growing up to choose your friends carefully as they will reflect upon you. With all these things, the energy you surround yourself with has a way of rubbing off on you.

The energy of cynicism and bitterness is a low-level energy. It is an energy that drags things down. If you wallow in this energy, it is difficult to change and to improve. And you do want your life to improve, don't you?

But, to be able to rise above it you must change your focus from one of bitterness and cynicism to a higher energy level. An easy way to do this is to live the life you were born to live. To do this, you must follow your dreams, but how do you do this, you may ask.

Why should you follow your dreams?

Your dream life is tied into what you love doing. By uncovering what you enjoy doing, you will live a more fulfilling life. Living a more fulfilled life enables your life to flow easier. When your life flows you can accomplish more with less effort.

Living your dreams expresses who you are. You are a person and have a contribution to make to the world. You can only do this by being true to yourself and expressing who you are. When you do this, you reach for greater things. You also become more creative, and this causes you to be happier.

Following your dreams seems more like play than work. You enjoy what you are doing, and because of this, you get lost in what you are doing. This allows you to enjoy yourself and the life you are living.

Being who you are fulfills you in ways nothing else can. When you are expressing yourself to the fullest, you are more secure in who you are. Being more secure frees you up from worry and concern. It enables you to stand in your strength and greatness.

Being true to who you are has you wanting to share with others. When you feel fulfilled yourself, you want to share it with others and help them achieve fulfillment in their own life. By following your dreams, you open up the opportunity for others to do the same, and you encourage them to do so.

How to discover your dream life?

You may be having a difficult time trying to uncover what it is you dream of doing. Many of us feel beaten down by life and have forgotten how to dream. We have forgotten what called us at one time in our life. If you find this to be the case, here are a few ways to help you discover your passion and rediscover your dream life.

Journal - Get a notebook and just sit and write down your thoughts. The best time to do this is as soon as you wake up in the morning or right before you go to sleep at night, however, you can do it at any time in your day. The important thing is to do it consistently and as close to the same time each day as possible as this will train your mind and open it up to thoughts.

Meditate - Meditation clears the mind and opens you up to hear the quiet voice inside yourself. This voice is directing you to go in the direction of your dreams, so if you can hear it, you will be able to discover what your path should be.

Think back to what you liked doing as a child - Your dream life is usually tied into what you liked doing when you were younger. It is tied into what you dreamed about as you were growing up. Remembering what your childhood dreams were allows you to discover the direction your dreams should take.

Pay attention to how you react to things - By paying attention to how you react to things as an adult, you tap into what makes you tick. Are there certain things that fill your heart with love and joy, or do they make you angry? By examining these reactions, you can tap into what is calling you to action. And action is where your dreams reside.

Try new things - Trying new things opens you up to new possibilities. New possibilities enable you to expand yourself. By becoming aware how you react to these new situations you will be able to uncover things that call to you. In this calling, you discover who you are and what inspires you.

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