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Message From the Universe: Start Focusing on Yourself, TODAY!

"Those who are not yet spiritually wise, simply cannot appreciate, or even recognize, those who are.

Fortunately, you can still blow their socks off as you live the truths you've uncovered.

Hubba, hubba - 
The Universe"

Being self aware is a crucial element to know how you can progress in your own life, not just financially but primarily spiritually. Money will come and go, but your soul stays with you for eternity, even when your physical body dies. Take care of your soul, take care of your spirituality by understanding who you are as a person. Those who suffer from mental illness have created a disconnect between then conscious and spiritual mind, and some chemical imbalances in the brain have contributed to increase the gap between both parties. The subconscious mind can only be involved if you practice meditation on a daily basis, as you can reboot your brain and eradicate the evil spirits. You have the control to do that but in most cases, it is too late to access the power of your subconscious. Medication is a must and that destroys more of the good brain cells than the bad. I am not a psychiatrist so I can't really go deeper and discuss about the purpose of medication for these kinds of medical cases and advise anyone what to use to bring back their sanity.

The key is to focus on who you are, and stop looking at what others are doing. You are your own person, your own self and that shouldn't be taken lightly. As misery attracts misery, spiritual people will also attract other spiritual people, so do not worry about who is around you because whoever is, are definitely the people you want to have around. Focus on being yourself, understanding who you are, being self aware and stop concerning about what others think about you. Others people opinion about you is NOT really any of your business. So why get concerned? Who cares about what others think about your belief, your culture or your way of life? Once you start understanding that you control everything when it comes to your life, you will start LIVING a life. Why not start today?,-TODAY!&id=9563642