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How To Fall In Love With Your Life Today (By Faye Bishop)

Falling in love with your life isn't a silly concept. It's very real. The process doesn't happen overnight but it's extremely important to do. Many of us seek love. We desire to receive love from others. But, unless you love yourself and the life you lead how will you ever be able to recognize it? You can do all kinds of things with yourself to learn more about what's within, to begin to trust and appreciate yourself.

Being a woman, a friend, a sister, daughter and mother; I've learned some very valuable lessons about love and why it's important to personify and embody the love you seek. I've learned in this life that in order to attract the kind of love and happiness you want - you must first learn to be it. No one can be good at everything and not everything is meant for everyone. But, what makes the world we live in so great is the right to choose. There are some situations that work and turn out for the best, and then there are other situations that don't work at all, however; just because something doesn't work out, doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. It also doesn't necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you or that you aren't destined for success in that area of your life. It doesn't matter if happens in your interpersonal relationships, finances or your career - it is through your own ability and willingness to be open, possessing the right kind of attitude that prepares you for readiness in establishing good relationships with other people.

• Recognize Yourself as The Source. Anything that manifests itself in your life starts with you. Your thoughts, beliefs, principles, values, actions and behaviors represent extensions of your entire makeup. As human beings we create the environment that we're in daily just by the energy we bring to our space. You can either collude with negativity or you can change the space by injecting a more positive energy into it. Due to everyday social pressures and our daily interactions it's not always easy to be cheerful. But, it certainly makes life much easier to deal with when you have the right kind attitude. We often hear people complain about their struggles big and small. We complain about how hard it is to find a good person, a good partner, trustworthy friends and associates etc., but the fact of the matter is that it's not hard at all. It starts with you. It is important to see yourself as the source of your happiness and inner peace and how it extends outside of yourself onto others.

• Trust the Decisions You Make. Your life is blessed in accordance to amount of honor and respect that you show yourself long before you get to the people around you. Establishing trust in yourself raises your self-awareness which is the key to what shapes your character and integrity. The most wonderful thing about character and integrity, which are intimately related, is that they're one of the few things in life that no one will ever be able to forcefully take away from you. Your choices are your own. Once you begin to trust the decisions you make the easier it will become for you to be more confident in your ability to handle what life throws at you.

• Learn to Master the Art of Owning Your Power. Stress, discord, argument, conflict, disappointment and friction are part of life. No one is exempt from the experience. It happens to us all. The only way such ills can take over your life is if you succumb to them by breathing life into it and giving it legs to stand on in the corners of your mind to run around in. Learn to let go. You hold the power. Power is ultimately the ability to create a desired result. It's the ability to attract and create circumstances that lead to our gain. I have lived long enough and have done enough to know that we are the masters of our own destiny. We're all experts on self and our own conditions. The fact that human beings have the ability to manipulate their lives in order to get exactly what they want fills me with great joy on a regular basis. It has nothing to do with thinking or acting like someone you aren't but everything to do with the universe and how you react to what happens to you. No one can make you feel badly without your consent. No situation can make you feel miserable without your allowing it to. Nothing in life can bring you down without your permission. Once you have mastered the art of owning your power, the easier it will become to create and control the atmosphere around you.

• Become Conscious of The Energy You Channel. Are you conscious of the energy that you possess and how it connects to others with every deed, word and thought you express? Love is an act of will. An act of the will of love is a knowing choice; it is an exercise of free will based on knowledge in the intellect. How we choose to feel about ourselves is born out of our experiences. Such experiences can do one of two things; paralyze us with fear or inspire us to move forward. Our experiences shape the foundation of our very existence. It teaches and defines who we are; what we want and who we will go on to become. There is so much freedom that comes with being conscious of the energy you possess. But, if you don't look at yourself differently, you can't and won't achieve anything different. Positive thoughts bring about positive behavior. Remember that striving to be perfect and being perfect are two different ideas; one is the pursuit of integrity, and the latter is an exercise in futility.

You don't need validation from material things or people to love the life you lead. How you choose to feel each day you wake up to get out of bed will dictate the attitude you carry with you through your day, how you feel before you lay down at night to rest and what takes place in between. Could it all be so simple? Absolutely. The key is putting it into daily practice. Just knowing that you are the source of your happiness and to love with all of your heart without any expectation or attachment to the outcome is all the strength you need to fall in love with your life.

The biggest lesson I have learned is how to fall in love with my life. I've fallen so much in love with it that the thought of being worried or concerned with what someone else thinks of it isn't possible. This lesson became the blueprint I needed in order to live the best life possible while at the same time, achieving the highest level of happiness.