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How to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life Without Your Life Becoming Too Redundant

What are some of the simple things in life from which you can extract happiness? Your life may not get too blatant that way. How is it possible? Read on to find out.

Some of the life's simple things are a baby's smile or giving a peck on the cheek of your child. These are something to rely on to give you momentary joy which can last a lifetime in fact. You will soon know how.

Sharing a joke or laugh with your significant other gets you out of the blues instantly. How about watching a movie together with your family? These are equally light heartening and happy moments which you would like to capture and savor.

Making a home-made cake or pie together with your children is worth the fun, laughter, chaos and pleasure and eventually having it together gives you just as much delight. How about playing with your children at the nearby park? Being in touch with mother earth is not only healthy but also heightens the spirits of your children, yourself included.

Enjoying your colleague's 50th birthday and attending a seminar on a topic you like together with your colleague are all a break from the routine work and should give you immense joy, without bringing in boredom or monotony.

These are all examples of the simple stuff in life which help you to distract your mind in a good kind of way, memories of which may stay with you a long time. In order to recall these moments a few months or even years later, you can jot them down in a journal and go through them when you feel like and smile and pass off your time relaxedly and happily.

Additionally, in order to elevate this experience, you can write a story plot including these beautiful moments and publish it online or offline and share your lovely, happy moments with a huge audience.

These are two ways to capture the happy moments of your life. Another simple way would be to snap with your digital camera or even better still, a good cell phone and keep them in a safe place from where you can extract them time and again, reminisce and feel happy again.

This way the happy moments in your life, which are just simple stuff, no way makes your life redundant. It is a recurring process to keep giving you joy, filled with more happy moments.