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Why Can't We Agree To Disagree?

Nearly everyone faces a choice, on a somewhat regular basis, to either make an attempt to cooperate, and seek common ground, if possible, or to permit their disagreement with someone, about some idea, etc, overwhelm them, and dominate their behavior! Let's understand that everyone has personal ideas, goals, needs, concerns, history, heritage, and priorities. There is no, or should not be, a one-size-fits-all mindset or approach, but rather, we should realize that merely because we may not agree with another, or he may not agree with us, it should not create an escalation in vitriol and contempt! Rather, wouldn't it make more sense, if we would merely, agree to disagree?

1. Defend the right to voice opinion, even if you disagree or oppose: Two people can disagree, and still remain friendly (or at least, avoid hostility, or personal attacks)! Take to heart, the adage, that states that I may disagree with you, but still, defend your right to state your opinion! Our nation's heritage is based on freedoms, and the freedom of speech, is, and must remain protected! Do you let others speak, and actually listen, with an open mind, so you can objectively consider their ideas, etc? Understand this does not mean that you must accept or adopt their premise, but merely abide by giving them the freedom to express themselves!

2. Keep friends close, and enemies closer!: Don't merely call someone a friend, but remain loyal and caring. However, listen to what those who may disagree, even vehemently are saying, so you may proactively seek solutions and/or some common ground, rather than distrust and polarization.

3. Learn from opposing positions: No matter how smart, educated, experienced, expert, etc, you may be, remember you do not have all the possible answers or solutions. Only when you carefully review and study opposing positions, are you able to evaluate, gain insight, and truly learn from these! Have you considered why others feel this way? What are the underlying causes, premises, conceptions or misconceptions? Do you seek friendly disagreements, or violent opposition?

4. Seek common ground; meeting of the minds: Why might someone you don't agree with, even consider listening to your ideas, and perhaps, be willing to listen objectively to your reasoning, etc? You attract others to you, based on your consistency, dedication, absolute integrity, and being able to lead by example, so you not only talk the talk, but also walk it! When we look for common ground, we often discover we potentiate our ability to find some, and possess a well-meaning, purposeful, meeting of the minds!

Rather than merely blaming and complaining, or being negative and oppositional, let's all try to remain positive, and agree to disagree! The more positive our attitude, and well-meaning our hearts, the more others are attracted to us, and the better we become!