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The Best Way To Wake Up

Not having control of yourself is the best way not to wake up. Think about this: There are many things we do not have total control of in life. Ultimately, how we wake up is not one of them. We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be was an attributed saying of Abraham Lincoln, of course. But, I think it is not just a trite saying, it is a reality of life that cannot be escaped in any way. After all the best way to wake up is not sad, or even happy. The best way to wake up is grateful, in reality.

I make these statements not to be maudlin or overly "silly", but I make them to say not just a "whatever it is it could be better or worse". I make these statements to say this: Every day we are alive and doing what needs and wants to be done somehow is a day we should be grateful for. This is the best way to wake up. Forcing the happy or being depressed as extremes is not living anyhow. Doing what needs and wants to be done with a good, balanced attitude is real living.

"I am supposed to be happy" is forcing it, and being overly cynical is forcing it. But, looking at things in a balanced way is not forcing anything, ultimately if done right it will make you a powerful "force of nature" that gets things done, really.

To write this article, I have been looking at the way successful people look at life in small ways. How they conduct themselves in an everyday way. Also, in large ways: Their biographies, autobiographies and ideas. Most of them at their successful levels look at things in a balanced and grateful way that is the best way to wake up in life and existence. In fact, I can honestly say that a feeling of gratitude for it all is a way of touching God, and living a genuine life in all ways that count.

The ultimate courage, I can honestly say is gratitude then, and handling all things well and balanced. Even Thomas Paine goes into this in his book "Common Sense" and Benjamin Franklin does a little bit on it in his book "The Way To Wealth". But it is in such an hidden form that not too many people recognize the reality being stated too well. But, I do my best to open the reality up in this article so you can embrace it. For, indeed, I definitely embrace it and live by it the best I can at all times. After all, I wanted to end with myself as an example of what I preach and I did.