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7 Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Single Day

The secret to true and lasting happiness might be much closer than we think.

How do you achieve sustainable happiness? In a world that puts end-based and goal-oriented happiness first, it's a genuinely valid question. However, it turns out that the secrets to consistent happiness might be closer than we think. Here are 7 things the happiest folks do every day you should be incorporating into your daily routine.
1. Choose to exercise
Other than making your body feel great, exercise also helps your brain. Getting your heart rate up triggers a dopamine release in your brain--the same chemical responsible for happiness--which gets you in a better mental state in no time.
2. Choose to take care of your body
We choose what we eat, what we don't eat, and all the good and bad things we do to our bodies. If we abuse our bodies with junk food and toxic substances, we will be paid back with much unhappiness and pain. Making an active choice and effort to nourish our bodies is definitely a key step that needs to be consistently taken in the pursuit of happiness.
3. Choose to be polite
Happy people don't let life's punches get them down too hard. From something as small as a person accidentally stepping on your foot--to something as big as being passed over for a promotion--being polite subconsciously increases your tolerance for bad things, and helps you stay in a good mood.
4. Choose to enjoy the world
Thoreau was a firm believer in immersing ourselves into the natural world. He felt that we must be surrounded by nature in order to achieve true clarity. If it's a lovely day, go outside. Take 30 minutes simply to sit on a patch of grass and enjoy the way the wind feels. You deserve it.
5. Choose to be surrounded by people you love
We derive the most pleasure from social interactions when we have a deeper connection with the people with whom we are interacting. Thus, it makes sense that happy people will consistently choose to avoid those who fill their lives with negative energy, and gravitate towards those who give off warmth.
6. Choose to be grateful
It's easy to complain. It's difficult to appreciate. Beat the cycle by trying to look at things differently when something doesn't go your way. Even when all is wrong, find one thing to be grateful for. It'll be enough to get you through your day.
7. Choose to be happy
We often do not realize that we have the power within us to change a bad mood to a good one. Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. Bad things just happen. How we react to them is what matters. Choose to be happy at least once a day, every day. You might surprise yourself with how quickly this new habit takes flight.