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It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done

The human spirit, since the beginning of time, was on a quest to conquer new frontiers, and overcome challenges that tried to hold it down. In this quest, we had many instances where somebody tried to convince us, that what we are pursuing is beyond us, and cannot be done.

A little passing of time, and someone else does exactly what we thought was beyond our capabilities, and we had to realize that it wasn't impossible after all.

History has, time and again, shown us that women and men of high repute in the past, with conviction and optimism, have conquered barriers that had remained impossible in the eyes of their peers.

As man thinks so he is. Our self-image has a lot to do with how we look at our challenges. From the onset it should be clear to us, that we are the stewards of this universe, that being so, we have immense inherent power to influence everything and anything, in any way to produce the results we want.

The advancements that humanity has made in travel, communication, medicine, entertainment, and other such fields, are sure markers and testimonies that nothing is impossible to them that believe. Whatever milestones we have reached as human beings, are not destinations. Destiny is not a destination, but an adventure.

In every endeavor that we are undertaking, it is important to remember that the challenges that are ahead of us, are just bumps in the road. When meeting these challenges, we might see impossibilities, but they are really an invitation for greater rewards.

They present awesome opportunities to learn and grow as a person, and steer us in the direction of a breathtaking journey, for the betterment of our life experience.

When someone else shows up in your life, to tell you that your goals and dreams are impossible to achieve, roll up your sleeves, and remember, nothing is impossible to them that believe!

Looking at a stream of water, what happens when it stops flowing? When water stops flowing, it stagnates. Once it stagnates, it becomes a habitat for various organisms. Mosquitoes find a breeding ground.

Frogs, insects, and other hideous life-matter settle in the area, finding a home. We can also consider the act of driving up a hill. What happens when you do not accelerate up the slope? The moment your vehicle loses the forward thrust, when you are driving it up a hill, it starts to slow, and in time will start moving backward.

Many of you rode on a bike at one point, or even ride it regularly. When you are on it, you must keep pedaling, covering some ground, moving forward, or you fall over to the side. In life, too, you must keep moving, if you stall, you may not fall over, but you will become stagnant.