Manifestation miracle

The Secrets of Making Your Dreams a Reality

Can you really make your dreams come true, yes you can, enough people have already done just that, me included. So what is the magic formula? A burning desire, belief, courage to follow through, visualization and a plan of action.

Over the years I have achieved a number of dreams, the first when I was left with 3 children to bring up, I needed work that fitted around children. Teaching was the perfect answer, but I had no qualifications. Within 5 months I had 6 passes and an art portfolio, and had accepted a place in a teachers training college, which meant travelling 70 miles a day. It wasn't easy and took some planning and determination but I did it; 3 years later I qualified.

So how badly do you want your dream? This is the first step, you must want it with a passion, a burning desire. Have you thought through the end result? If you have more than one dream, be sure they do not compromise each other, or it is like driving with breaks on you will go around in circles. Also be sure that it is really what you want.

Belief: Do you really believe it is possible for you to achieve your dream?

These two elements have to become the centre-pin of your daily thoughts, both a burning desire and having the courage and determination to follow through. You must "know without a doubt you will do it". Once you have built that belief and passion, hold on to it and your dreams will have wheels and you are well on your way.

Visualization: You must see the desired result in your imagination in every spare moment, dwell on it. It will almost become an obsession.

Plan of action: You must decide when your dream will happen, decide on a future date to give your dream substance. A plan of action, how you can achieve your dream, what steps are required. You may have to raise cash to fulfil it, or decide when and how family commitments will allow it etc.

Then every night and morning and spare moments visualise the dream completed, make it as real as possible. Believe it will happen and trust your subconscious to help you bring it to fruition.

A few years ago I had two more dreams; to winter somewhere warm and to set up an online business.

I now have an affiliate marketing hobby business which I can work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection, and we are wintering in Spain on the Costa Calida; where we bought a house near the beach, and within a few miles there are several beautiful beaches. The midday temperature has scarcely fallen below 20 degrees which is perfect.

We had to find a way to do this, so my daughter lives in the house and we have a mobile home near fishing lakes for the summer months in England. We now have the best of both situations, warm winters, and England at its best in summertime.

If you would like the freedom of working anywhere with your laptop, affiliate marketing is the answer. Enlist the guidance of a mentor, who will provide products, sales pages and training, leaving you to collect commissions for your efforts, and you will be earning whilst you are learning the techniques. You can then work at home wherever home is!