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What a Difference It Makes If You Believe You Can

Does it make a difference if you believe you can do something? Well according to Henry Ford, "If you believe you can you can if you believe you can't you won't" or similar phrasing. In the bible we are told we can move mountains if we believe we can, and many authors have made similar statements. Dr Joseph Murphy, in his book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". Gives many illustrations of how believing helps you conquer illness and various situations, if you believe you can.

If you believe you can do something, you tackle a job in hand with greater determination, it is not a case of, if, but when, or how, these are the messages you send to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious then has to figure it out for you because that is what it is programmed to do.

Think of the Chinese martial arts, where with the use of mind power they have the strength to win fights and as they illustrate with the Karate chop, breaking planks of wood with their bare hands.

If you "know" you will be able to do something you approach it with confidence, in a happier frame of mind and this knowing relaxes you, enabling you to get into the zone or flow and achieve the task with ease. If you feel fearful and tense your whole body tenses up and you feel stressed, fearful of your success and it takes longer. It is also less enjoyable. We should aim to live our lives in a relaxed state for our health sake, progress and enjoyment.

So the next time you are struggling to achieve something, relax and change your mindset and see how it helps you succeed.

From personal experience I know coming from a background of relatives with practical skills, that I can make things grow, create things, paint and decorate, or sew anything. So confident was I that years ago I made coats, suits and a wedding dress and dozens of other garments, without questioning my ability. Whereas the idea of putting right an error on my laptop sends me into a cold sweat.

However despite the opinions of others around me, doubting I could ever build an online business, it is growing and I'm learning every day. It gives me great satisfaction to conquer my fears. So if you would like to start a simple online business, take a look at affiliate marketing, where a mentor will support and train you, provide products and take care of the delivery to you customers.

So tackle those fears, relax and go with the flow, believe in yourself and you too can follow your dreams and even set up your own business.