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The Importance of D.O.D: Desire, Optimism and Dream

I had a weekend of reflecting of the past few months and I realize I've been focusing on day-to-day work, family and 'my life' stuff.

But I have not really thought much beyond the short term 'stuff'.

It is obvious to me that if I continue in the same pattern, it will be yet another New Year before I know it!

That is OK, yet there are lots of things I want to do and experience. I know what will happen if I don't schedule them in or give these ideas some serious thought... they simply won't happen.

So, today I will take out my calendar and pencil in some of those activities and things I want to experience this year.

What about you? Are there things you would like to do? Have you set some plans in motion, penciled in dates on your calendar? Do you have some activities or even personal goals you would like to include this year?

As I sat down with my pen and paper to put down my ideas of the things I want to do and experiences I wish to create, I came up with this acronym.


D - Desire:

What do you want to do or create this year? What do you truly desire? Take 5-10 minutes to quietly ponder the possibilities.

Simply allow yourself to open up to your hearts deepest desires. Maybe you want to travel, take a course, or move to a new location. Think of it as a game.

Wouldn't it be cool to... lose weight, become stronger, join a yoga class, or participate in a marathon? Wouldn't it be fun to shop for new clothes, to climb a pyramid, or go sailing?

I like to use self-hypnosis to get into that deep relaxed state where my conscious analytic mind is quiet and I can listen to my inner voice. I believe it is a good idea to consider desires in many categories of our lives.

For example, we may want to brainstorm ideas around our wealth and prosperity, yet we don't want to ignore our relationships or health.

Taking time to consider all aspects of our life and what we desire in each area is a positive step in creating balance and happiness in our lives.

If we focus only in one area, career and money for example, we may miss opportunities to grow and flourish in our relationships. Both are important to our happiness.

O - Optimism:

When an idea comes to you, allow yourself to expand on it in a positive way.

Sometimes we squash our ideas before we even allow our minds to completely formulate the complete idea. Do you do that sometimes?

Maybe you came up with the idea you would like to participate in long distance bike ride. You don't even own a bike, so you immediately dismiss the idea. Stop. Allow yourself to have some fun with the thought.

What would it feel like to go on a long distance bike ride? Who would you go with? What would you see? What would you have to do before hand to make this happen and is it something that would you would enjoy? Does this idea stir up some excitement for you? If it does, allow yourself to begin to...

D - Dream:

When you acknowledge a desire, whether it is a desire to travel, learn something new, change a habit or create something, and then you add a splash of optimism... you get a DREAM.

Continue to allow that idea or thought to grow and intensify; allow your mind to expand on this desire.

This is how DREAMS begin.

I consider myself an expert DREAMER! LOL! I am experienced and have created a lot of cool things in my life, through DREAMING.

Use the D.O.D. to get started; allow your mind to drift and play with ideas. All DREAMS begin with an idea.

Years ago, when I was first married we had many dreams of travel and adventure. One of those dreams was to live on a sailboat and sail the ocean blue.

A crazy idea for a young couple! How could we possibly make this dream come true?

We found it fun to dream of the 'what ifs'...

Many people would consider these thoughts as impossible possibilities. We played with this thought... this idea. When we travelled we noticed the sailboats, we imagined where we would go and what we would see.

Did you know, your imagination is a very important tool that we often do not use?

As children we are encouraged to use with our imagination and we are encouraged to play pretend. Once we enter school life gets serious and often imagination and daydreams are not welcome.

School is a time for hard work and focus, not pretend. This is when many of us begin to get the idea that life is hard work and dreams are for children. I do not believe this.

Back to sailing... life progressed and our dreams continued in the back of our minds until we found ourselves living in Costa Rica taking tourists out for day trips!

A few years later, we were pinching ourselves as we sailed from island to island in the Caribbean on our new home... a 42 foot Catamaran sailboat.

So, yes, I do believe DREAMS can come true when we take D.O.D. seriously.,-Optimism-and-Dream&id=8982356