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Do You Surround Yourself With Negative People?

"Misery loves company" is a common expression that rings true. People who feel miserable about their lives often gain some comfort when they are surrounded by people who can share in their misery.

When we lack confidence and have little control over our emotions we tend to be swayed by the attitude of the people around us. When we are around positive people we will be lifted up with their positive energy. When we are around negative people we will be pulled down by their negativity.

We should never allow ourselves to be controlled by the emotions of other people. If someone dwells on their problems and is unhappy with their lives, it doesn't mean that we should share their feelings and allow ourselves to become unhappy right along with them. This may be what they would like to happen but it doesn't help them or ourselves. Remaining upbeat and positive will have a much better impact.

Many people don't even realize that they can control their emotions and remain happy even in difficult situations. We have the choice as to what kind of attitude we will have and it doesn't have to be the same as the people around us. We can choose whether to be positive or negative.

When confronted by negative people who are angry, upset or miserable, we can choose to remain calm and keep our emotions under control. We should let the person know that we still love them and will support them, but that we will not allow their negative thinking to affect the way we think. They have to realize that they cannot control someone else's emotions and understand that they need to try to control their own emotions.

It is important that we try to increase the positives in our lives and decrease the negatives. How?

Surrounding ourselves with positive people, places and things
Work on building confidence and increasing esteem
Replacing any bad habits with good habits and reinforcing them through daily practice
Become a good example for any who has a bad attitude
What kind of attitude do you have? Are you a miserable person or a joyful person? Are you often angry or do you remain calm during difficulties? Do you complain and criticize or do you encourage and uplift? Do you need an attitude adjustment? Attitudes can be catching. What are people catching from you?