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The Problem With Being a "Problem - Seeker"

Many people claim that problems seem to always find a way to get to them. No matter what they do say or think, problems and misfortunes would find them in any situation. But why is it that these problems 'follow' them around? Are some people just 'unlucky'?

Well technically, yes. Some people are indeed more likely to get into problems than others. But the reason why isn't because they are unlucky. It's because of their own thoughts, words and actions.

These people, who seem to have problems following them around would all seem to have certain similar traits. One of them would be that they are constantly thinking about only problems, never solutions. When they think about these problems, their thoughts would send out powerful vibrations and attract to them... more problems!

As they attract more problems towards them, they would begin to wonder why is it that they always seem to find more problems. And as they continue thinking about that they continue sending out thoughts to bring them... guess what? More problems!

Basically they just continue living in this self-fulfilling cycle of problems for as long as they continue to focus on all their problems. It's that simple. Now, what's the solution to this major problems that they have here?

Believe it or not the problem that they are facing here isn't that hard to overcome. They just need to do one thing. They would need to switch the way they think from focusing on problems to focusing on solutions. Whenever a problem occurs they would need to automatically think of ways to overcome the problem instead of getting upset over it.

I know it can be a little confusing but here's an example to help you figure out what I'm talking about. Every Saturday you go cycling with your friends around the place where you live at. But one Saturday morning you find that your bike seems to have a flat tyre so you can't go. You feel upset. Another problem. All you wanted to do was go cycling which would have been good for your health and now you can't. You've also already promised your friends how are you going to tell them you can't go? They would be so disappointed.

The real problem here is that you were too busy thinking about the problem. It would have been so much easier if you saw the flat tyre and thought, hmm... a flat tyre, I guess I should stop by the bicycle shop before I go anywhere today and get it fixed.

This is how people attract problems. A small problem occurs and they make a big deal about it while they could have easily focused on a solution and got the whole situation sorted out quickly.

The solution to having problems is to think of the solution! So try it out and see if you can find the solutions to your problems.