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Why You Must Challenge Yourself To Get Into Flow

Getting into the flow is one of the most powerful ways of achieving your big audacious goals. It's the secret key to high performance and it'll open doors for you to create a more satisfying, fulfilling and happier life.

It doesn't matter whether you are a world-class athlete, a corporate CEO of a billion dollar company, a passionate college professor, a martial arts trainer or a quiet introverted chess player, you can always use the flow state to enhance your performance and achieve what you want.

It's also a mental state that will enhance your health and well-being by reducing stress and boosting your immune system. It's an amazing psychological (and somehow mystical) phenomenon you don't want to miss out.

The question is, what do you actually need in order to get into the zone?

Well, you need a challenge.

Yes, things that are too easy won't get you into flow. Nor will extreme difficulty will get you there.

Part of your goal of getting into flow state is to first design an optimal challenge for yourself. You need to plan out goals that are worthwhile to pursue (for yourself), ambitiously achievable and with a nice challenge throughout the process so you need to exert an effort to work for it.

Answering primary school mathematics questions won't get you into flow.

Solving Einstein-level of astrophysical equations won't get you into flow.

To attain flow state and enjoy its immense benefits, you must strike a balance between the challenge at hand and your current skills level.

If there is too little challenge, then boredom will set in and your motivation to participate and complete the task will lessen. On the other hand, too much challenge will result in self-doubt, anxiety and stress creeping in. Negative emotions will block flow which is a positive process and state of being.

So by setting yourself a challenging yet achievable task, you will feel a stronger desire and greater motivation to enter into the process.

Also, tasks must stimulate your interest, curiosity and enjoyment.

Tasks that are uninteresting, boring or monotonous will increase the likelihood of negative emotions blocking your ability to enter the flow state.

The flow state is one of total immersion and absorption in the process, where you take massive immersive actions without any thoughts of yourself or time. By providing enough challenge to engage your curiosity and interest, you'll find a boost in your productivity and you will look have a unique insight about the tasks you've set yourself to tackle.

Immersing yourself in the process without thinking about the end result is a key aspect of being in the flow. This is why sports people, artists, actors and writers use the flow state to improve their performance and achieve new career heights.

If you truly want to achieve peak performance and create a more satisfying life, isn't it a great time to set yourself a challenge?