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5 Ways to Get Plus Size Confidence (By Brian Ka)

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We have all heard the old saying that beauty comes from within, and that applies in particular to the plus size woman. It's not that these women can't be beautiful on the outside because many of them are. However, it is sad that many of them don't feel beautiful on the outside and lack confidence. How you look impacts how you feel, and how you feel affects how powerful you are at work and play. If you are not excited about your outward appearance, that makes you feel less powerful.

So what are you supposed to do in the midst of the journey, while you are becoming while you are working to help your outside match your inside? Shrink and hide from the world? We think not. It's important to reach consistently within to connect with the things that make you feel incredible and unstoppable. As most people would say, the work on the 'inner you' is more important than the work on the 'outer you.' Have you ever met someone who was physically beautiful but... you can finish that sentence. I bet you have. Having beauty that comes from the inside means that you have qualities that are magnetic and draw people to you. When people find you attractive from a deep place, you will automatically seem to be (and will feel) more beautiful on the outside.

The first thing that most women need to feel beautiful and powerful is kindness. When I say kindness I mean being nice to people and seeing things in a positive light. If a woman is negative, she'll usually have a frown on her face, which isn't attractive to others. However, when someone has a kind spirit, you can see it in the glow on her face and her eyes. She'll have a smile on her face that gives you a hint about who she is inside. This is the type of woman that is fun to be around. This principle remains the same for a plus size woman; when she is kind to others and also kind to herself, it impacts how she views the world, and how the world sees her.

A sense of humor is an ingredient that can make any woman feel more confident. It's always good to look at the funny side of life or to find humor in mundane things. If you can't think of something every day that's funny, seek the laugh out. Haven't laughed in a while? Watch the Big Bang Theory- We dare you! If you can watch my favorite nerds and not laugh, we need a personal coaching session. (Knock, knock, knock, Penny!) Read a funny book, listen to a classic comedian on CD. You get the idea. If your funny muscle needs a workout, develop it and see if that doesn't make you more confident, whatever your size.

Every woman has something that makes her unique no matter what it is. To that end, she should spend time nurturing her talents and skills. This in a long way builds up a person's confidence, and in making you seem more beautiful from the inside out. When you talk about the things that you are passionate about or that you're interested in, you inevitably have a different energy and a twinkle in your eyes that are very attractive. Don't focus so much on your current state, invest time in creating the woman you want to become.

Also, find it a mandatory fact that you need to upgrade your fashion taste. Most plus size ladies lack confidence due to the reason that they don't give attention to what they wear. It is the one of our five tips today in boosting your confidence. So what if you don't have any idea about fashion or probably don't know where to begin. They will give you a unique guide to what goes well appropriately when it comes to the fashion world for plus size fashion.

One more tip to help develop confidence is not to sweat the small stuff. It might sound cliche because it is, but there are many things in life that people, particularly women worry about that at the end of the day simply aren't that important. Every day is a new day to start over. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying about the past, accept that you can't change the past, and then work on your future with the intention to create the tomorrow you want. I want to give you permission to stop apologizing for wherever you are in life and let the bolder, more powerful and more confident you come out to play.

"Life is too short to try to convince people to be aware of who you are and the value that you bring. ~ Les Brown."

What did WE miss? What else boosts your confidence? Let me know.

Have a POWERFUL day,