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Simple and Effective Ways to Increase Your Energy: Tao of Stress Management

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All of us know what it feels like to be "run down". Whether it is from working too many hours, staying up too late, or feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do. When we are tired, we become less able to handle stress. In this low-energy state it is easy to become irritable and lose our optimism. Our tempers can become shorter, and our days seem intolerably long and difficult.

All of this happens when we don't generate, conserve, and efficiently use our energy.

When you feel energetic, on the other hand, you are naturally easy-going, optimistic, and things are more fun. When problems come your way, you can handle them because you have the energy and clarity to solve them quickly and effectively.

When we think of how to create more energy, we usually think about ways to increase energy -- exercise, "energy foods", and supplements. All of these can help. But, our results are limited if we continually use too much of our energy by doing things too fast or by overextending ourselves.

One of the most important keys to increasing energy is learning how to conserve it at the same time.

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you are using your energy wisely while constantly replenishing it. Pick one or two of the following recommendations and try them out for a week to see how they affect you.

* Create Ten To Fifteen Minutes For A Break Each Day

If you spend all day working, traveling around town, and generally doing things non-stop, your body becomes stressed trying to keep up with the constant demand. A brief fifteen minute break can do wonders to replenish and conserve your body's precious energy.

Find time in your day when you can have 15 minutes to yourself. Go into a small room, which can even be your own office. Close the door. Turn off the computer monitor, TV, lights, and other noisy, distracting things. Just sit quietly. It is OK to read a book you enjoy, or listen to some relaxing, soft music on your iPod. The idea is to have some "me" time where you aren't talking at all, and you're not thinking about much of anything. Just relax and be in the moment.

You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel when you incorporate something like this into your daily routine. 30 minutes for "Me" time is even better while at home.

* Take Two Things You Do Fast Every Day and Slow Them Down

Another way we tend to waste our energy and tire ourselves out is by doing everything so fast. We drive fast, eat fast, walk fast, and talk fast. Doing things in a hurry always creates tension and depletes your energy.

Find two things that are in your daily routine already, and do them very slowly. Some things you might decide to do more slowly include brushing your teeth, driving to work, and eating. Whatever you choose in your daily routine.

You may have to make a little extra time, but those few extra minutes will go a long way toward teaching you what it feels like to keep your energy more calm, relaxed, and stable. You will notice a big shift in your energy after just a few days.

* Do 10 Deep, Relaxed Breaths Each Day

Nothing relaxes the body more than deep breathing. We can live without food for weeks, without water for days, but we only have moments to live without breath. It is for this reason that breath is the absolute key to unlocking the deepest levels of contentment and relaxation the body can produce.

By tapping into this reserve of deep relaxation on a regular basis, we are literally building a storehouse of positive energy that naturally cascades into every aspect of our lives. Our entire physiology is shifted into a more restful, aware, and open state where things take less effort, and stressful events have less effect.

Here's how to do the deep breathing:

1. Before you lie down to sleep, sit on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor.

2. Place your hands in your lap, palms up.

3. Tilt your head down slightly, bringing your chin towards your chest. This is just so your neck stays straight and doesn't get tense.

4. Now just inhale very gently into your belly. Don't force it, and don't overdo it. As you inhale, just feel your belly gently and naturally expanding.

5. As soon as you reach the end of the inhale, where you feel a little bit of tension in your belly, release and gently exhale. On the exhale, count "10" to yourself.

6. Inhale again, as in step 4 above, then exhale and count "9".

7. Continue breathing gently and deeply in this way, and count all the way down to "1".

Do this every night before bed for 1 week, and see how you feel in the morning, and how your emotions and energy levels change.

Our energy levels depend on how we use our energy, not just on how we accumulate it. Enjoy Your Life and Have Energy Too!