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Why Practicing Solitude Will Drastically Increase Your Productivity

Energy is like a habit, the more you demand yourself for more, the more they'll come to you in some miraculous way.

It's interesting to see how different your entire body system will respond when you decide to raise your energy level standards and decide to deem yourself as the kind of person "who will be productive the moment I wake up no matter what". You'll be surprised by the extra amount of reserved energy that has always been residing within you.

Of course you always want to experiment around and see what other 1% advantage you can add to increase your productivity. One of the most overlooked ways is to practice solitude every day.

Remember this: Productivity can NEVER be sustained without adequate rest, recovery and rejuvenation.

Your ability to unwind after a long day (or during the day) is paramount to maximizing your levels of production. You want to incorporate strategic structured solitude within your day.

Meaning, you want to schedule about 30 minutes a day to allow yourself to completely UNPLUG from the noise of the world. During this specific period of time, you will want to fully relax your body, mind and entire being from external stimulus.

No phone calls. No text messages. No chit chats. No TV entertainment. No garbage food. No alcohols. No drugs. No other crazy activities.

Just 30 minutes spending time with yourself doing solo things like meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga stretching, contemplation, taking a walk in the woods without music and earplugs on, sitting in the park observing nature etc.

Solitude is all about being present in the moment (in silence) and being aware of yourself - your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the surroundings.

What's good about doing nothing special for 30 minutes a day?

Well, most people nowadays cannot survive without constant never-ending outside stimulus to occupy themselves 24/7/365. They are scared to spend time in silence alone because that will inevitably lead to self-reflection, self-assessment and self-awareness.

Witnessing yourself as a third-party will bring up many big questions and cold truths people don't want to face.

You may find evidence about the true calling and purpose of your life that you've been avoiding to pursue. 
You may discover you've been living way too long according to what society has told you, but never really lived true to your heart, soul and spirit. 
You may find that the world is quietly waiting for you to step up as a leader and solve some global challenges with your genius gifts.

Solitude is a secret door that connects you, people around you, and the magnificent Universe at large.

It's a gateway to realign your life with your destiny, 
It's an entrance to open new doors of opportunities. 
It's a ticket to the train of lasting happiness, meaning and fulfillment.

It's time to make solitude your daily habit so that you can truly live an authentic, joyful, inspiring, productive life.